Whispering Sister

If I whispered... I can relate to your visions of the future you believed were so superstitious,It's a plague to your down falls, so please reach higher than your expectations,If I whispered...never echo the words that speaks of your ego so premature,If I whispered... live it into existence like that plate is so delicious,beneficial with flavors that are savory while devouring as you're chewing it slow,as I whispered...your a realist, a simplest, a resilient person, and empowering please  (aka woman)learn of yourself in case you didn't know,on the contrary your blind and not up-lifting of yourself it's clearly relevant.  As I whispered...If you're not earned as a keeper,then you need to claim it as a door sweeper,so I whispered... let the peers that are envious of your visions go,Whispering... why is your life worth living?Whispers with replies...because it is meaningful,whispering...she struggled till her last dying breath, she claimed the last of the air that she owned,You have those that give up, and those that wished they never did. Whispered...she wish only she had a second chance but the inner of her immune system told her no!,Whispering...have no regrets only existence, believe it and its yours to  purposeful and productive of yourself, your talents roar through the sky,Whispers...the beauty lives within your soul, yet you learned to skill that eye,the more you engage with life the more you can learn to own it,whispering....believe in yourself and the energy that's unsure put a blur to it,If it doesn't grab your attention,then expose the attention you want to grab,Whispering....just because its not yours to own, doesn't signify that its a product you can't have,Inhale the air and let out that carbon,retrieve all that's in the mind as if candy was the oxygen,Screaming....toss all of the bad and leave it to digest! whispering... yet, if anything remains that's good unite with it,because only you know what you deserve and however you claim it you deserve the best,Whispering I love you with the blood we shared and never like the waters.Us never them.

This poem is about: 
My family


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