Something Positive

I've got a sister

Riley is her name

And I'm quite inclined

To think she's insane

She jumps on the couches

And sings in the rain

But I love her all the same


I've got a sister

She's never a bore

She likes playing field hockey

While doing her chores 

She hangs upside-down

And sock-skates on the floor

But I love her all the more


My sister Riley's 

Not run-of-the-mill

Her life's an adventure

Full of madness and thrill

She'll sprint up Mount Trashmore

Just to roll down the hill

She gazes at rooftops

From her window sill

And racks up quite 

The television bill

She's got a great heart

An indomitable will

And I love her always, still





This poem is about: 
My family
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loved this poem:)


Great poem do you think you can give me feedback on my work?


Sure! Any in particular or just general feedback?

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