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I am not a model I will never be a dancer Or a Go Go boy Or the calendar image for the month of July But I am everything it took to stay alive And I’m sorry if that’s not good enough for you.
I sincerely miss Playing With The child inside But now he cries. There was a time When he could see sunshine But now he's scared He came to life unprepared. On the ground he lay
Yes, in fact I do know that I’m fat No, I don’t plan to change for you Yes, I plan to lose the weight someday, but if you think I owe it to you to do so, then you will never get the satisfaction of holding my hand.
She was an 8-year-old girl naive and didn’t understand what it meant to be “fat” She didn’t care it never bothered her The subtle hints that slip her family’s tongues
I am fat. Some may say “same” or “retweet” I am looking at you Ms. size four or five. SHUT UP. Some of you are looking around the room
I am fat. Some may say “same” or “retweet” I am looking at you Ms. size four or five. SHUT UP. Some of you are looking around the room
Today I am wearing anything but black solely to hide the fact that I am just sticks… Just sticks set up in such a way that if you even tap my shoulder… you will be impaled without intention
The mirror cries long tears to the bus station Her feet draw their mottled shapes on the Pavement It is wet and cold.   In my mouth, there lies elegant blood
i dont know if im really who i say i am if im happy if im great who knows what i am no one but me. but im making sure that even knows my image and my heart im sad and happy who i am limbo i just want to obtain that one thing every human desires ha
Before I learned to think in her critical voice,
just words written down nothing more nothing less until they were words about bodies respect food fuel no longer words but a path to recovery
Dear Mom,   He was there for you. He loved you, kept you in his arms each night. Until you went to another.
I wanted to be skinny to fix all that I saw to bring myself some dignity and try to get through it all. I made myself a plan. I was ready to follow through. But now I'll be stuck all fat and alone
Your 125 lb frame Might have been easy to carry... But you weigh my heart slowly. Like a million feathers You're a leach.  Sapping away red plasma I am drained, From the pain. You remain,
When I left home A short five months ago I had my priorities set And was not prepared to roam   College was what I had prepared for Before I knew the alphabet could rule my life
Every day was a chore I never even wished for more To wish would be to care To care would be a dream to me I didn’t have the desire
Fat girl wakes up in the morning Fat girl tries on ten pairs of pants that does not make it look like her sides spill over Fat girl keeps in the tears because it will smudge the makeup she is so proud of
When I was seven years old In my mathematics class Measurement setting in dread Forty kilograms is the answer   I don’t remember the lesson I learnt
One hundred and thirty poundsNot of flesh, or blood, or organs I speakBut of absence, of perfection, of all that I seek
We each have our own weight to bearphysical, emotional, spiritual we do not careThe thought that our weight could crush othersIs why we do not share
Am I nothing more than a waist line? A product of starving models, and purging diets. Because everyone wants 23 precent less than me. I am made to feel ashamed of what life has given me,
Never does the feeling mix well with my digestion. ItGoes along my intestinal track and gets stuck every         time, trying to runAway from the end when I can finally let it go. But of         course this
The smell of blood invades my nose every morning around dawn and we were not woken up quietly. My eyes opened wide to the sounds of screams penetrating my eardrums.
It's so tiny, the cropped too shirt.
how can i stand up straight with the weight of the world on my shoulders how can i stand up straight with no confidence to hold my shoulders back   see since i was young i've been trying to make myself smaller
The advertisements on the television screenSell sex, beauty, creamsA pill for your misery“Oh, you don’t look like a photo shop lie? What’s your alibi?You should love your body naturally, but only if you look like me!”
Loved too hard, Rejected too fast. Maybe that's why I always held back.  
A man. Standing tall with his head held high, to bad there's no gap between his thighs. A man. With eyes that only see the future, if only the world could see his tummy tuck suture.
Not good enough? What is “good enough”?               Will I be “good enough” when my hair is down to my ass And my eyes are altered to turn blue from thin layers of magnifying glasses
Mistakes, Baby I'm flawless. What you want me to be ashamed of, Baby I flaunt it. You talk and laugh about the way I look, But don't understand that my ego can't be shook.
Blood pools At the end of the stairway Caressing me Welcoming me Into eternity I fall and shatter Into millions of fragments So that nobody  Can ever uncover Me again
There's been something weighing on my mind; you see, girls are supposed to be these pretty little things, with ditsy little brains, but what has society's image done to our self-image?
I can still hear the crunch of the potato chips resounding in my ears like the crushing of my dreams to fit into that dress, 
Counting the calories, Secretly loving each bite, Is being skinny Worth all this fight? Seeing your hipbones? Collarbones too? Searching for a thigh gap, even though there's so much "you"?
We are the Ones. The beaten, the broken, the abused.   We are the Silent. Bearing our agony with closed mouths. The quiet, the strong, the mute. We are the Patient.
She is a hyprocrite Full of contraditions  And consumed with a nonconformist spirit She desires to be loved Yet all she visualizes is hate
I am not three letters my whole existance  is not bound by the skin that is covering my soul by the body that is less than simply because I am larger than you they try to place scars 
You see, weight is too much, The pounds are too much, The scale says "enough" But the numbers don't bluff.    Below layers of fat (Which really aren't there) 
"Skinny isn't beautiful; curvy is."
Downgrading someone’s beauty because of the shade of their skin?That’s like loathing a flower for the colour of its pigment.Lessening someone’s attractiveness because of the texture of their hair?
The number, the size,the sanity, the happinesswane.  This is what you wanted, isn't it? Flat stomach, thigh gap,slim waist, and prominent bones,achieved.
The other day, I was talking about how much I weigh and how this affects my life, and the person I was talking with said something to me.
She was talked about; bullied to the mind
skinny can the DEAD
Who is society to distinguish what is right and wrong? Is it size, weight, appearance, or personality that defines us? We judge, we look, we quickly decide within the first ten seconds who that person is.
An obsession An addiction. It tortures me, but I need it. I got to know the number on the scale.   Restrict my food. Binge eat. Purge. Thoughts of laxatives.
Being skinny my whole life, I’ve gotten a lot of: “How lucky are you. You never gain any weight,  You can eat anything you want. You’re so lucky, I wish I was you”   I am so lucky.
The poor teenage girl sits in her room to cry Remembering all the mean things said today "Lose some weight! Wear a mask! Just drop dead and die!"   On her bed, knees hunched, tears fall
It happened in August. 294, it read. I blink, my eyes needing to focus. The numbers don’t budge. My heart drops easily into my stomach.   I feel sick. The scale says something
I'm the type of guy who tries not to say "I" Because when I saying "I"  is showing too much pr"i"de.   'I' was raised that way believing there is a link to the philosophy of my kind
Why do all girls seem to think they're ugly? Overweight? Not good enough? Even the girls who are the "populars," and seem like they have it all together - they might not. Teenage girls are worried about their looks and how people view them.
  When you find yourselfwith your toeshanging over the sideof your 7 story apartment,the breeze whistling betweenyour toes, inching closer to the edge,Who do you call?
She wants it within herself....peace Because she can't get it from nobody else looking in the mirror seeing someone big and fat but she purges and binge so how come she see that
Each lesson puts a dense weight on my chest, And all of the information blurs together in a fuzzy heap. My brain cannot filter what I do not fully understand. Each subject is taught back to back,
Against all odds I will succeed, I will be what doubting mouths said I can’t be. Success is the achievement of something intended or desired, my desire is to reach higher to be brighter.
I appreciate to be writing freely Because now I can describe my life I come from a small town without much money And my family would be better of without this strife   When I was middle-aged boy
You say "we are all equal" That this is home of the free Yet you judge by my color not knowing what you see. I could be red,purple,gold,or silver But you look at me like I'm a stone figure
My mother tells me she used to believe in  abortion. Said her body wasn't ready to  cradle stretch marks that would tuck into her. She is addicted to alignment. Thinks the arcs  
You're brittle and straining Transparent and weak. A ghost of a smile Fading before your poisoned eyes, A skeleton locked in a treasure cove. You live amongst valleys and ridges and mountains.
The power of words, is awesome to behold. They build and they break, they furl and they fold. A simple word, empowers a man, Or throws his hopes, his dreams in the can. Such simple devices, such miniscule tools,
See that girl sitting over there? Rumor has it that in the ninth grade she and a senior boy with a movie poster face and a Hollister body went at it in the bushes at Sarah Something-Or-Other's 18th birthday party
I force down another bite Pack on another pound My friends push me to the edge “You’re pretty, but much to skinny.” So I eat and eat and eat Not because I’m hungry But ashamed of what I’ve become
When I was born, the doctor gave me a length and a weight and these numbers said I was healthy. So he sent me into the world. Now I am seventeen with a length and a weight,
Blackens my soul and decays my image this thought I carry weighs my mind down repeatedly throughout my days. Nothing that has been forced upon me to carry upon my body, yet something I myself drilled inside me and struggle with by choice.
A generation of sons flown overseas Those left at home rendered mute although screaming for truth and peace Left with no choice but to oversee Spreading of disease among youth rapidly increase
Hooded eyes: downcast, afraid Hunched shoulders, bearing the weight Sad smile, betraying the truth The pressure: too much for this youth.
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