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YOU DON'T DIE You don't die until your visions  perished, and you never perished until your dreams dies. Successful life voyage the ocean of goal. #c9_fm
The Dreamer I can't give up still I keep my head up. Living my life in dream what can I do? Trying to survive in this tough game.
I don't know and care not whom you might have betrothed... WHY CAN'T Ifeoluwa⚔️Oluwafemi BE TOGETHER TO MAKE HISTORY? Hmm um! Dedicated to Ifeoluwa Ote$
Puffing Marijuana doesn't make misbehaving, neither does it mean thuggery. Using cannabis makes: think, rethink and reasoning. It's the true source of
Absolutely a lover man, ain't a player, somethang must kill a man, from the heart of c9fm reaching out boom brother LilTunechi balling better man.
Where am I going? A cold wall The floor is moist Water was drained Pure water, tainted Sewage in the mixture  
In our world ..  .. .. If you keep in touch with it,  you can feel others bleed. You can see what they see. It’s not make believe  
Picture That I picture doubters with their jaws dropped because my words they went and copped I picture family not having to want Those that didn’t swallow their pride won’t have to front
There is a man of in(decision) Or not that it is that He is a man with (one) vision He has but one goal   He is always decent on the (test)
Trouble Is An Object, You Don't Really Want It. Pass It To The Next Man, Maybe He Will Want It.   Maybe He Will Flaunt It, Attracted To Its Danger. Or Draw Back And Cast It, In The Direction Of His Anger.   Trouble Is An Object, That Can Transform
Dear Eyes,   How do you see? I know your retina, the film of  Photoreceptor cells (now that’s a five dollar word) Seems Counterintuitive to most. That’s because it is.  
Wide-eyed, glassy stare Dazed and confused Reeling, recoiling from possible  Impossibility    Windmills, grassy fields Disappearing Set upon in flames from those leaders
It was told that a leader of many Would not see the morning moon. That the giver of plenty, Would die too soon.   Today, he decides to live alongside The Light’s curse.
Blow absorbing hate They're clueless 'bout the vision Yes-I am one in seven billion Which is a fact you can negate But s'why I don't concede
Deceivers, yes they do deceive. Believers, o how they believe. Take heed to the warning, Let me be, I must proceed.   Blindly walking in misconception, Twenty Sixteen was a year of deception.  
It was the way she looked At the world that made her Eyes so beautiful As beautiful As every sunset and sunrise you will Ever see
What do you see? Do you see me? What do you think what you see could be? Is it happy? Is it scary? Do you think what you see is what it should be? Everyone has their own reality.
Blink, and the delicate parachutes whistling             with white-spun dandelion seeds drift to form the rich parchment of             my thoughts,                         channeled  
I’m 60% water Every cell in my body is living For that intricate H2O   I persevere to stretch My ambitions To be boundless Like the water That sneaks and slides
Lids yawn to consciousness and Awaken, blind to the Mysteries of 6 am and the Shapes and colors dance like the Creatures of last night’s dreams until Lazy lenses work toward order,
I love the sky I love outer space I love you And I love the human race   I hate society I hate egos I hate discrimination And I hate the unknown   I hope society changes
Seeking   Searching   My eyes relish the world around me   Once you have seen you cannot unsee   This sight that was given to me   To see the physical wonders  
My eyes flutter open to a world draped in a haze a sight so unclear and undefined that I am left in a daze. I blink and adjust to the warm light peeking from my windows
Life without vision, is life without mind, Ignorance can be bliss, but not of this kind, Monotonous, the journey, is the life of the blind, But even the visionless—sight, they may find,  
"If I was invincible  Instead of invisable I would turn the tables Beacuse you made the labels That said I wasn't vision-able Like I'm hanging from a cable Because the world around ain't stable."
Beings with reverse tongues One with purity And another without love, Whose hands hold strings And with their own decree Pull them manipulating, Selfish bastards using others To create a false love  A false comfort of a lover Spouting lies that cr
a true blessing they are they upgraded my eyes no more silly glasses to hide me from the outside   although they may be costly I do love them so for I'd choose sight over money
I saw those cold streets Glass shards covered over the sidewalk in November And every time you speak a little of your soul leaves your mouth Dead bodies and warm blood with the intuition to kill
I want to live in a song Where every rhythmic beat is a stairway to my soul And every low key reverses time and I rise again Living inside the enchanted heart Where music smells as of the breeze of an ocean's shore
Love is blindI never knew until I found you So has my world become now As how a cat thinksWhen it has it's eyes closed A good friend have I missed in my life 
I just know... I just know it will pay off. Something in me feels it. These lectures are boring, they leave students snoring, the rain just keeps pouring, assignments that is.
I've been searching for a way out of this blurred vision.   Among checkups and lenses I watched through pink frames. Instead I am ostracized
Brain on sensory overload Fade into the darkness She's becoming like a ghost Turned into a bad girl  You can still smell the sweet perfume  Closet full of black What's the pont of color
I am the one with the disability and yet you are the one who really cannot see The world is larger than you and I Can you not see why minds must diversify?  
I see light but I see black skies Black lies twisted into black ties my mind collides.
Go your own way, Forget their objection. They just want To storm on your vision.
Why do they stare a me like I'm so different? Is it because my skin color is the color of warm hot chocolate mom would make for me and my siblings on a cold morning
They say, it’s black or white,
I met her by the seasideAlmost in a tranceAs sunshine shone upon herAnd skipping waves did dance.She called me with a whisperThrough the ocean air,But as I did approach her
Each night I lay awake Waiting and waiting To listen to that little voice.   It’s the voice Of my heart,
Dreams DreamingWritten by Adam M. SnowDreams dreaming,awake nor asleep.A worldly escape-lies true true lies.
Some of my people steady actin like they weak
If you point your eyes directly at a star, expecting to see a brilliant sparkle in the black, you will be inexorably disappointed. Most stars are only visible in the periphery: they are too dim,
Change, to make something different, transform, or convert, making a difference in lives, or committing to work, for change is never accomplished because it is always needed,
What is an education? It is factual, theoretical, practical, or negligable, does it enlighten, brighten, heighten, or deepen the degree and impact that is actually accredited.
Who is society to distinguish what is right and wrong? Is it size, weight, appearance, or personality that defines us? We judge, we look, we quickly decide within the first ten seconds who that person is.
we are the worlds tomorrow we are the new generation we are the future than why are we so reluctant to see the necessity of life   we lead our lives according to hashtags and social media
It started a long time ago,
"What in the world am I suppose to do" I cant see the future, All I see is bleakness and Im feeling blue
All else seems bright and sharp Clear in my sight Lost in my thought How could it be? No matter how close I get, The less I can see My focus is off No longer on point Good for nothing
"Momma, you are a vivacious woman with enormous potential." "Son, the corrupt has taken away my innocence." "But you have given us all birth."
I think if your lips pierced mine again, I’d fall back into old habits. It would be unfortunately fine with me. The way your blue eyes made my mind spin, Sent shivers of pleasure down my spine.
I write because I fight with words. I write because when I write I can be heard when there's no one else to listen and nothing else to do, not a verb else. When I write my sentences are fragmented but my thoughts are complete. Through.
I write to exposethe venom that has strickenit is closing the windowclouding our astral vision As the venom sinks inIt is time to wonderWhat is the antidoteto be discovered
Somewhere, far off into the horizion... A valley rests between the mountain ridge, Untouched from time. Streams, Like liquid silver run gently as day melts snow.   Here an old song fills the air...
What is it that compels me to write?
The art of progression Is something of enlightenment The fact that you can evolve And then involve your mind In a split second A fragment of your life Becomes your whole Time Waisted
strumming the strings in the chamber of my chest searching for my soul beneath ashes without rest such muffling darkness buries me grueling sands grate my skin—grinding to the ground
Why must you pull me back? you evil thing tugging with a lion's brutality on the cords of my ankles. then I cannot walk or run free. and leap through those transparent but fierce and threatening walls of this cage.
Tracing my roots.. Riding down this industrialized road Looking through the tinted glass Watching the land escape my view Tracing my roots.. Fifty-five miles per hour, I watch.
When I am stressed you release me You remove a veil from the blind They now see When I feel overwhelmed by the commitments I have made You clear my mind I now see
Tunnel vision here Not much seen From my bit of Earth
Tear ducts have rusted, Oxidized for too long. A speck of water remains, Unabashed by nature’s ways. A diamond presents itself. To marvel at its beauty is ignorant, To marvel through its beauty is luck.
Why Why do we neglect the power of vision? As if we know, what is not yet written As if were stealing a gift that was given and only granted permission to use in suspicion, instead of ambition
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