we are

Fri, 04/18/2014 - 01:24 -- bissyy

we are the worlds tomorrow

we are the new generation

we are the future

than why are we so reluctant

to see the necessity of life


we lead our lives

according to hashtags and social media

we give the control of our lives to celebrities

the way they act is the way we act

everything that is meant for role play is now the role we play


our lives were brought by people

people who had intentions for us

to be the better of our generation

but we constantly fail at the sense of our purpose

just to feel good for a few mere days or so


our parents have never given up on us

but we constantly fail to the weaknesses of this world

blame our parents for our own faults

so as to not carry dark clouds over our heads


i am sick of being weak and speaking from behind a curtain

my life is not for sale

i am priceless

i am worthy

i am the better of this generation

i am the greatful person

here for a stand and not a stand-in


i am here

we are here

we are now



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