Love is blind
I never knew until I found you 
So has my world become now 
As how a cat thinks
When it has it's eyes closed 
A good friend have I missed in my life 

A year and a half
I found you
But now you make me 
Sit in lone silence

You would come near
Ask me to speak
But I never had words
Much but only a few
Yet you cherished those too
Even my seminars too you did
Not like others in the room did ever
And you would have enjoyed with silence
No one else would have enjoyed as such in the class 

You helped when I felt shakes
You talked a lot on various genres
We discussed about people
Who worked with words
So did we experimented
With it too like them
Who knows it may shine
Not as gold or silver
But as platinum 
In the future if God has the will to, where no else 
Typed notes on this blue
Who were also the people
Whom we know
We just talked on each others works
And no one else ever cared to join the chat
Or disturb us either 
Not even people who I think would read
Would have ever read them and I thank you
For reading and for being my critic

You almost knew me from head to toe
And even my voice and silent presence
From being far off 
You were my alter ego
For I found myself in you
Now I have to let go of it 
So you can grow further more

Now I have none to share
And silent will I be more than before
I feel like I miss my soul, my heart and mind
The things you discussed were not of norm
As others may do
Every one will surely miss you
I wish you stayed till
They called us masters in our hall
Yet young are we
In heart and vision

Your voice would I miss
A much as the days pass by
You taught me a lot
Including myth
I felt surprised
On your types
Still I do
And many too will

We wished for our society
To be along with tradition
And our rich culture
But now past has left
You knew me inside out
No one else near me did
Every new event I shared
With you before our world knew
Now I am lone and nothing to share

I wish the best for you
On your mission to teach
Inspire young ones to write
As we did
Innovative them on different studies
Ignite their minds with life, culture
Traditions and current events

Then a true teacher
Of vision will you be
Standing on the minds
Of wavering young minds
Such as mine

You were a real teacher
For me and I thank you
From the deepest depths
Of my heart, soul and mind

Shed no tear but 
Never forget us


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