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My mind thinks too much And yet, i can't think, can't eat, sleep, breathe I feel a Pandora's box inside I can't let those emotions out, not now But I can't keep them in, can't let them win
If I had the strength to make it through another day, Maybe I would. But today I'm too weak to even cry. Trust me, I've tried. If I had the hope that life might improve, Maybe I'd pray.
What do you see when you look in my eyes? Can you see all the memories that I so strongly despise? So badly I wish that I could cry. Or even better, I wish I could get high.
Sit down; let's play a game. Sleep sound; the monster's been tamed. Still loud; the voices scream: "Let me out; you know you're just a fiend."   "Slow down; I don't wanna play.
Turns out you never loved me After all this time So I guess it's back to being lonely That's okay... I don't mind
I want to write tales of bravery.  Of powerful women who stood up against injustice and for kind-hearted men who chose right over what’s left But these were not my stories
They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Yet grass continues to grow every time it is cut. The sun continues to rise every time the moon has pulled it away.
See what am seeing,Are you feeling what am feeling? Despite freedom of expression I'm not allowed to express my feelings,See them, registered thieves, registered criminals.  So many times I wanna stand on my feet,But Mum called me, my Son!
Once upon a time There was no prince. Once upon a time There was no castle. Once upon a time There was no happily ever after.
My President is Me. That means that he black. That orange dude that y'all elected? Man, he wack. I say it loud and proud and shout it all across the nation. Fuck Donald Trump. There won't be no inauguration.  
Mother and Father did you see me grow? Did you see me when I got into a fight with my friends? Did you see me when I found out my classmates died? Did you see me struggling to wake up and put on a smile?
I have grown to hate my grandfather.  I have grown to hate my grandfather. I have grown to hate his smile. I have grown to hate his smile that used to greet me with such kindness and authority. 
It hid in the creases of my story books, nibbling away at the stanzas,Chewing across the pages as I, just a tike, lay at night.It sat on my window and sill and waited for years to pass.For knowledge to seep into my skull.
Life is like a jigsaw puzzleEvery person is a pieceYou don't know where they belongA friend could be the smallest pieceA loved one could be a bigger oneA puzzle isn't quite complete
Shhh, little baby Draped in your mother's white cloth, Your tears won't do her any good.
My brain felt all tired out I am starting it all in doubt The tragical sense that had in me I am upset that people can feel and see For the answer of this is you that drive me crazy Let's get this over
I had a dream last night, Too real to be ignored. It started out inside The mind's sequestered storm.
Myself... without a mask, without any reason to hide behind a wall of lies, exposing the girl who's hidden for so long,  a musician, a girl who seeks to change the world,
    I have an innovative mind One with many characters and personalities My friends are imaginary, a figment of my dreams They come alive as I write on the pages inside a blank notebook of my alter worlds.
Only I knew, that I prevoked this  /  Theres no closure nor a farewell kiss  /  I had looked in to your worried eyes  /  Such an enchanting shade of blue  /  I decided against the easier lies  /  I whispered I couldn't ever love you  /  I never f
Why am I so hung up on a stupid message It's nothing I'm nothing At least to him... But what if we did Look each other in the eyes Remember each other at night
An addiction, that's what he wasGreeted by a pulsating desire to shoot him,through every vein in my bodyA soft start, to calm my worries with his powers,and a smile like two rows of gold
As you lay your head on my chest, I realize how bless I am you leave me in shock on how your words are expressed, your like a past of a ex I reflect, I feel the connection,
                                                        It was late at night
She carried me within her for nine long months
Did frost bite me?
i put my cap down as i arrive temperture prospered beyond 85   its summer looking for a job   dam  not having one made my momma cry  time showing the change my mind  blaze with rage 
My First Love   Happiness, Rain Love, Pain Wishing that I could use only two Of these four words to describe you.
For the greater good, for the information that the people need The people that work hard to find new technolgoies, tests, and cures that will heal the sick -   
Teacher, teacher, taught me well, just about the opposite of 'rich-as-hell'. Teacher, teacher, is what I want to be, my dream job, my soon-to-be. Teacher, teacher, with lesson plans,
ONE day you'll dream a dream
No matter where I go, I can't explain away, the limitless attraction to a girl who knows her way. She's a mystery to us all,  and a puzzle to a tee, a conundrum to her parents, 
My opinions are right Anyone else's is stupid and aren't worth a second thought You’re stupid, I am smart You're wrong, oh so wrong
There are two worlds in the World that God created. One is that people that can hear and hurt  and the other is people  that can't hear  My Number one dream Job would be to connect these to world.
When asked what I want to be 20 years from now
Every day, it gets harder, every day it's like a nightmare, progressing on. Every day is another prayer echoing from my bones asking God to take me now.
It burns deep inside me. My love for you, hidden. I would tell you, but I can't. All hope is impossible.
I have been raised in this country, I appear to be fully Caucasian. I speak English fluently, but I also speak Spanish. I identify myself as a Hispanic American, because of my roots.
Teacher these days are just ignorant They like to teach us stuff we already know. When you correct them, you suffer a consequence, Or you could just go Outside and miss the whole lecture,
Infantry of a corner clique's imagery Imitates actual industry. Instead it’s often in-the-street, Marketing products with a PRE- Caution, 'cause cops will cripple thee Business. They call it criminally
You want to feed my mind but i leave class hungry. You sit in class and teach but I cant pay attention. I dont understand why i fail, which is so funny. I try and use the bathroom but i need your permission.
  With freinds like this who needs enemies? Big, Huge smiles and grins, But Ignorant to the feeling that lied deep within, Not knowing that it was all just pretend, Jealousy, Lies, Envy, Deceit,  
Poetry was my escape It helped me get to second base For the dreams that I have chased Now my dreams and reality are face to face
Oh! For my school The things I would change Everything.  
The shit I wish I could tell my teacher would probably get me supended. But once the shit I wish I could have said probably would have saved my arm. Bullying was killing me inside. Going through all differnt changes with my body and feelings.
Why must happiness be so hard but grief and hatred so great? Why must we learn or except our fate I feel like crying, I feel like dyeing
  I guess Tomorrow was yours, too Because you took it from My Hands, How arrogant so yesterday couldn’t fill you and you could not be hungry, yes
In school I learned about english and bullying Judgement, math, and the flaws of schooling. But there are some things my teacher didn't tell me Things that the new me is scared of knowing.
All my life I was taught what I thought was right and wrong. All my life I dressed for church and knelt before the Lord my God. All my life I sinned and hurt and all my life I lied. 
Watch an eagle spread wings like silk Untouchable purity against a night sky Until the hunter (some would call him Destiny!) takes aim See the king of the air turned to game
I was to young to  deal. Started not to feel. Never took the time to heal. Somehow it didn't feel real.   I was to young to see. Thought it was apart of being me.
She stays when every one else goes She is the loyalest thing I know And when it comes to it, I know she will never go When I'm sad she makes me happy
What is this thing, that we call Love? An undying smile, Of enternal youth? An endless spring. Never to be knew, Never to be found. For when the world realizes, This simple truth.
A Look Through My Eyes. Outside stroll, what do I see? I see the charisma, the spirit, of New York City. Skylines, and skyscrapers out in the distance. My oh my what a sight to witness.
Written Memories Of The Soul This is just my point of view It might be a different definition for you But my eyes see what they see So I'll Tell You What Poetry Is To Me
Writing is breathing Involuntary, necessary, part of me Every key I hit is a thought is created Drawn from my mind and placed carefully onto a canvas My thoughts on paper are vulnerable
Most say I’m quiet. Shy even. Perhaps, the thoughts and feelings thriving in my head just can’t be put into words. Nor any other distinct form of speech.
How doth the little moth Fly high up in the sky? Flitting gently from light to light It seems to find pleasure and delight. How does he fly with so llittle care? Clumsy and such, but STILL doesn't care
My friend, my friend I know your voice I cant pretend to like your choice My flower, my flower Be mine forever Its dyer No never
My little lady, Is going to work today. Dressed in her Sunday's Best, As she trots down Avenue A. She'll sit at a bench, For a near twelve hour day, Yet still will only make, Nearly half of my pay.
My sorrow Like a tidal wave of pain, Pounding me so hard Its difficult to stay sane. The tumbling chaos of my soul, Burst up and fill my eyes And for a moment all i can see is darkness.
As quiet as a gentle wind your soul connects with mine and binds us with a sweeten kiss then attaches to my heart, and fill it with bliss.
My love, won't you be with me When you're back from a hundred years Even though my heart is a prison Please break me free from my grieving prison With your beauty and your love for me my love
Use to drink all the time, torn up from sky to ground, lock up two or three, times ago, you don't know, how it is to slip, I have once falled under, take pain pills at christmas,
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