All My Lonely Journeys

Sat, 08/18/2012 - 07:04 -- FizTzle


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Use to drink all the time,
torn up from sky to ground,
lock up two or three,
times ago,
you don't know,
how it is to slip,
I have once falled under,
take pain pills at christmas,
to ease my mistakes,
from hurting her,
let tell you now,
washing all these dishes,
no one around to kiss me,
in all my lonely journeys,
and people looking at me funny,
once scared to go to church,
I didn't want to be judge,
for talking to god the king,
now I don't care what,
you all think about me,
you can't make,
perfuct from a piece of string,
So Emotional Tommy,
I always cared for you girl,
and I did Realize,
you never felt the same,
now high I need to Eat,
siting in a chair,
can't even sleep,
in all my lonely journeys,
use to dream them deja vu dreams,
now I dream no dreams,
hit the club,
that was one time ago,
my stripper lust center,
now at the movies,
speed date tonight,
thinking about busting her cherry,
wrong way of thinking,
while we dateing,
oh god my mind,
done messed up alot,
of those good never get again things.



This poem shows just how personal poetry can be, because we use it to share our life stories. I especially liked the title of the poem, because often when we think of journeys we think of grand adventures, but really the most important journeys are the ones we take as individuals, internally.

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