See what am seeing,Are you feeling what am feeling? Despite freedom of expression I'm not allowed to express my feelings,See them, registered thieves, registered criminals.  So many times I wanna stand on my feet,But Mum called me, my Son! U're not fit, She knows me,  I can never bear such defeat,No matter what you do, you can't win them, See them, registered thieves, registered criminals.  They makes you look like a failure,They might even call you a Lazy youth, What about the Millions snake swallowed?What about the Billions they are looting?See them,  registered thieves, registered criminals.  Remind me of that freedom fighter,That wanna sacrifice his life for you, Let him receive some cash from registered thieves,He will forget you forever, forever,The effect of registered thieves, registered criminals.  Only God can have Mercy,This days that Messi have Lion... I thought we all saw what they did to Eagles? A time is coming when we gonna kill with riffles,When their won't be political Manipulation,All our needs will be in our Nation,And their won't be any exploitation.  God!  Kill them all... #Registered thieves#registered criminals#One Spirit# One Voice# One Naija#      

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My country
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