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She is beautiful  Like a mouse, her heart moves  With the window of her soul  open to Heaven’s skies    She is beautiful 
I can't count the times,   I hurt you yesterday's night,   I was irritated and furious,  
I'll remember the moment I fall for you,  I'll remember the time I was holding you,  because every moment I've been with you,  I feel alive,  
O mother of nightingales O constellation curator She who sweetly sings the sunset Kiss beneath that good moon night That dark pale night light Clasp your hands on my life The waning of my soul
Looking at the picture of us,tons of thoughts come rushing to my mind,thinking of all the beautiful days we spent,I remembered how we used to fight with each other,
 In a faraway world, I'll try to find someone that is alike, But not quite similar to you.
I'm all alone in my head,  Fighting the demons inside me,  Looking for love,  But betrayal made my demons go wild.
Time passes by, She still remembered the day,  When he asked her out She was flustered, happy, and loved.   
I slowly opened my tired eyes I couldn't feel anything Numbness consumed my body I look around at my surroundings I realize I'm under a willow And all of a sudden, 
It was so quiet, snowflakes were slowly falling. With each passing minute, 
I'm living in a dream, Save me! I want to wake up, I hate being in this dream, It's so dark here, I hate this night,  I want to wake up, save me! I can't bear it,
She was like the brightest star in   the sky,   which always enlighten   the moon.  
Chasing an Unacquired love is like chasing a horizon. Both seems so close, yet so far.
It's been so long since you left, But I'm still a little lonely, empty inside.
I'll be the moonlight,   and stay in you dreams,   & then I'll be broken by the dawn again.  
It was all a relief,   I don't have a sentence to describe the feeling of   belonging to the word "we"   
After a long time, I'm able to feel so free, free of all the burden, the burden that I was carrying!  
She saw him from the corner of the street, Kissing a girl around her neck, pulling her in,
One day, I will fade away,   Without any trace or letting    Anyone know about it.  
Ah! you again!   How'd you able to toy,   Toy with someone's heart,  
I wish, I could've told you How adorable you're when you smile, How cheerful you are when you speak,
She leaves her house with a desirous heart With a hope of her life to once again restart Suppressed wishes and innocent desires The free spirit, killed by the barbed wires To once again inhale a new sprightly air
I found my way home in your eyes, Those eyelashes sheltered me in disguise. Just like my mother, taking care of me in her lap, All of my wounds healed, after a peaceful nap.
Depression isn’t gentle She doesn’t knock when she enters the room Or text you before she comes over Instead she kicks down the door and takes what is hers She does not need your opinion
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she was like watercolor.   no.   She was watercolor.   her bright red smile would slip through my fingers just as it came,
The words I wrote about her on a glossy paper, are now lost into the infinite ashes. I should have listened to them, They told me she is no less than a fire.   I searched through the ashes,
She seemed to carry an aura of excitement; that was my first impression of her. There was so much joy in her smile, each one just slightly different than the last, but there were secrets there too.
She came in like a shooting star , Stayed for a while and went too far, Every night in my tears, Every day in my prayers, loosing her was my biggest fear, After all she was too dear!!..  
She looks at you and sees the galaxy in your eyes, the ocean in your soul. She sees the sadness in your smile. Yet, she loves you with every drop of her soul's ocean.
He was happy with his life, How? I'm not quite sure, 'Til one day he lost somene, He as happy no more.   She hd just born a little child, Oh! What a joy, They were small and bright geen eyed,
She is passionate she is forgiving she is reminding me that I like living she is everything as if its nothing as if its nothing she is everything to me and as long as she is,I believe
Once she was yours..., She had lost, she had cried, She do care, she do trust, She was tired, she was trying, Everytime,Everyday....,
The first ray of light at the break of dawn   The sunrise seeking out of the clouds   The sunset slowly drifting away from the horizon  
Her hair; long and shiny black. Her eyes; an endless sea of serenity Her lips; a combination of pale and rosy red. Her hands;
She peaks like swell in the ocean and crashes into the sand dunes. She soars with the pelicans and falls with rain. She is the orange sunset glimmering across the river, only to disappear over the west when looked upon.
Is it the way she stares at you while you comb your hair, Or the way she rushes you out of bed? The way she can make you regret every decision you've made, Even prove to you that you still care.
She's got a fat ass and thick thighs She's not anything, and she got nothing from her mother She's never been straight up and down boys say she's good for her chest She's not like her sisters
Hypocriticals if we say we love, yet spill our bloods behind each other. She said she is your best friend Yet she stabs you in the back. This kind is the Story for The Gods
Don't you know how much IEver did love you? Don't you everUnderstand my feelings? You were the sole reasonOf me stoppingWriting songs of love
Saintly silent waits he, to have a silent slight glimpse of her again, he silently misses her milky face, her big round eyes.   Saintly he waits silent, for his silent alarm to ring again,
saintly at a Saint's college, theY wEre to be at, Being at the same halls anD. the beAutifuL audItorium, meSsaging even when professors near but now,   Part bY part. thEy fell apart,
He created no problems as others did to her   she believed him giving her number, sharing her personal problems, sent pictures of hers   her family, their new car
To a Lavender named Lucy   Oh my pretty, fresh, young yet lovely and precious Lavender I have no creativity as thee To write in papers of colour
A stone so blueA Sapphire or soA doubt a soFor she, lovedThe colour of lavenderYet as oneWas she, also to be
People come Like, comment, share And go   But forever His mind And heart Is for Her   His life Wants to Go away With Her And run Away too
She was quiet.  But she wasn't shy. She had an attitude of a lioness. The mindset of Angela Davis.  And a spirit that God would soon bless. She was gracious on a daily basis.  
Words out of her mouth will melt your heart. Her voice is a choir, a symphony of beauty. Those eyes are pure gold.
Although she shines like a star She's not aware of what we are She lives in ignorance, a blissful peace Instead she basks in yonder feast Of the world of desire, She couldn't burn brighter
Heart beat pounding Exaggerated sighs Lips tracing scars Pupils peering into mine     Mind racing Endless hours   Piercing whispers Lingering kisses Even in my sleep
She is, in essence, all things. She is the universe embodied, and every tiny speck of dust within it. In her infiniteness, she draws all who meet her in and gives them a piece of her.
Dear Mom and Dad, I have something to tell you.
She’s special, unlike anything else in the world, not something but someone, a personality, one so interesting it goes beyond stars.   It may be incidental, but she simply made my head swirl,
     Her heart beats quickly, and it beats red wine. His breathing slows, and he inhales her scent. She drinks him in with her midnight eyes. He hears her sigh from his gentle kiss.
She walked; no, walked could not describe the way she moved. She glided down the hallways, turning every head like the giant wind turbines that littered the plains she lived in and dropping every jaw like the first leaves of autumn.
Dear love of my life: I wrote this that night that you decided to let me hear those beautiful words again....I love you. And after all these years, your still here...Even though I come back, and again I dissappear.
She wants to be wantedShe needs to be needed
Faded kissesKisses fadeOr rather vanish as it sits behind big ass lust in the shade,When we first kissedI knew it was going to be "it is what it is"Type of relationshipBut I let my feelings fall
She was talked about; bullied to the mind
I saw the Maker of the Spirits, injecting them with Love.
He is laced with lies I was forced to sew underneath his skin. I am an open book ready for her to rip the pages he so carefully inked.  She is a blade sharpened by the years of trust issues and lack of love.   
 body of a goddess , roses melt at her feet . Her body says it all so she doesn't needa speak . she's intelligent not a soul will ever know , her name doesn't even matter cause she's known as a hoe .
Wavy; brown; sleekness, Brown complexity; starring to the soul, Humble, kind, and effervescent, She loves her friends and family dearly, She's the kind of friend to have in thick and thin,
She is small, but puts the mighty in God Almighty. Her eyes are worldly and her lips are wise, Speaking words of wisdom upon just meeting, Her ears can hear the voiceless' cries.
A pre-concieved notion of who she should be because she was not "good enough" in the eyes of those she allowed to control her fate. Juxtaposed in a world viewed as a dystopian utopia
She gets one more bad gradeThe loans are piling up; Never fully paidStarts to look like there's no way out...
Nothing is as it really seems, Things can get you, real or fake, You really are only safe in your dreams. No, they will never give you a break.   Things will tear you apart in life
He's worried that she might not smile everyday He's worried he'll miss her too much when he goes away He's worried that she won't laugh at his dumb joke He's so worried so much....dam he might choke
She said "I can't see myself without you" He said "well close your eyes, and if I ever really loved you would I tell you lies?
Living in confusion? I know who I like. She, her. She, her. Keeping to myself. I am judged by the judged, I am strangled by religion. Beat me up and break me down. I am still alive.
In the daylight, she puts her makeup on She walks out into the world with a smile on her face She wants everybody to believe that she’s okay She wants the world to think the best
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