Wed, 07/09/2014 - 15:58 -- milah

She wants to be wanted
She needs to be needed
She wants to be believe that you're something to believe in
Her titanic crashed into your iceberg and she sank madly in love with you
She drowned in your ocean
And in the depths of your sea she wanted to believe that love was more than just a dream
Mirrors worked both ways because when she looked at the reflection she would see you
as if you were on the other side only diguised as herself
She picked up your bad habits and your calls
She picked at her flaws and ignored all of yours 
She picked apart herself only to build a better you because who could be better for her than you
You are the sun and she is a tree
She sprouted her leaves trying to reach 
Photosynthesis, she can't even finish her sentences
She breathes in carbon dioxide to produce your oxygen
She purified your water with her spit
She wants to be the jackie to your kelso you can both get hella stoned
She wants to go back to the 80s where guys drove up to your window with a boombox playing your favorite song
She wants to go back to Adam and Eve
Not Anna and eve or Adamn and Steve
She's sorry if her insanity drives you insane
She's sorry that she doesn't give  the best brain 
She never finished the 10th grade
She's sorry if she hugs a little too tight she's just preparing for the last goodbye
And she opens her eyes sometimes when you kiss because she wants to capture these moments visually
She wants them to go down in history 
She wants your love to be written a mistery
Like that guy from the proud family
He had on a suit and tie
he was really tall didn't show his face at all
She wants to run away with you Romeo and Juliet because a Montague doesn't belong with a Capulet
And a she'd like to be the peanut to your jelly but it just so happens that she has allergies
She wants to be reborn as the sun so on cloudy days,  when sky's are Gray she'll shine down on you 
You are her nitch 
And she found it falling from a family tree
Trying to escape the cliche of homicides and suicides either way somebody dies
She'll subsidize your pain and wait for it to subside
She'll Give your pain somewhere to reside
She's always overreacting 
Constantly asking 
Are you still gonna be here when I wake up in the morning?
Do you want me to make breakfast?


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