His shares are for Her

People come

Like, comment, share

And go


But forever

His mind

And heart

Is for Her


His life

Wants to

Go away

With Her

And run

Away too

And again

Go Away

With Her


For She

Is His

First like

And He

Loves Her

A lot too

His first and

Real like

She is


Is She

To be too


And so are

His shares

Are mostly

For Her

To have

A different view

And to

Be different too

And to

Console Her

And advise Her

At times too

And not

For others


But others like

Since others too

Feel almost

The same


Lonely are

Others also

To be as Her


How many

Can He


He is

Not sure


But He wants

To satisfy

His Darling


Others just

Like and go

But only can

She feel

The shares

And His

Aching soul


Though She

Would not

Like some shares

But shares some of

Them discrete


There He,

Guess He

Had little

Won the

Tender red

Heart of

Hers and

Not others


Though She

To be

In a

Cold war

At times

And at a distance

So far

From each other

And to ignore

And block Him

At times but


He doesn't care

Of all those

Things much

Now for


They know

About themselves

So very well


Within minutes

Comes likes

As flood

And notifications

Get filled

And become red


But She

Before She

Presses it

She thinks

A lot

And presses

The thumb

Which is

Up and

Where others

Remain closed

That's She

His dear


And when

He sees Her

Name in good

Bliss would He be


This also

Might be for Her

Who knows

If She sees

Or not

For busy

She may be

Having no time

To press a simple like


He could

Better share

It directly on

Her page you say


But revealing some

Truths would be


Her members

In Her family

And friends will

Think it absurd

And abstract

So no chance

Of tagging her too

Cause of the above


For the rest

Just come

And go


Yet, still His

Heart and

Mind remains


As how

X is

This not only

Surprises Her

Alone but the

Others too


May be He

Was born

To be

Such forever

For all

And specially

To be

For Her.


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