He and She


     Her heart beats quickly, and it beats red wine.

His breathing slows, and he inhales her scent.

She drinks him in with her midnight eyes.

He hears her sigh from his gentle kiss.

    Her skin rises with chills, and she giggles.

His brow glistens with sweat, and he smiles.

She lets her slender fingers dance with his.

He lets his lips delicately touch her forehead.

     Her thoughts scatter to the far reaches of the universe.

His words scramble until he is a stuttering mess.

She hears the music in his rich, velvety laugh.

He sees the magic in her deep, mystic eyes.

     Her eyes scream her love for him to the stars.

His eyes proclaim his love for her to her soul.

She tries to speak, but no words form.

He tries to speak, but his voice cracks.

     Her world stops, and she goes in reverse.

His world stops, but he has to move forward.

She says -- I miss you -- with tears tears in her eyes.

He say -- I love you -- to the ghost of his wife.




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