Tue, 07/20/2021 - 15:22 -- azco

Looking at the picture of us,
tons of thoughts come rushing to my mind,
thinking of all the beautiful days we spent,
I remembered how we used to fight with each other,
I remembered how we used to cry together after the fight,
I remembered how we promised we couldn't live without,
Every time I look deeper,
it brings another chapter of us.
we used to listen to the radio,
and sing along with every song we knew,
Oh god, how beautiful these days were,
looking at this photograph every time makes me smile,
As I was unfolding all these memories,
I remembered how empty I felt,
when you leave me.
looking back, all I can see is you standing next to me,
you broke the promise we made,
Still, I am living, fulfilling the promise I made to my dying love.
Looking at the picture of us,
now I can't help but mourn in silence.



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