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Greatness. In stride. As I ride. For show. Glistening with pride. Joy ride. So young, so fun riding with my gun. Blasting music, smoking lit firing my gun. Lots of fun. Lots of hun' speedometer run.
In my dreams I am an eagle- I soar through the sky My wing’s edges catch the cloud’s edges Water collects on my feathers And the world stares up
What is inside me 
People talk, people stare, that doesn't leave me to wallow in sorrow. no excuse to let down a tear, when there's a greater future in my tomorrow.
A plethora of predicaments race though my mind at best. which one can I fathom to ponder about next? Shall I even think of acting upond what my mind stirs about, or cry my soul asleep by this never-ending drought?
Sing me to sleepYes sing me a song of painSing me a song of hopeSing me to sleep dearPut hope in my mindHelp me realizeI will be fineYes sing me to sleepSing me a song of grace
Every spark has a dreamTo become a fire,Success is the result ofIncessant hard work and perspire,What does it matter that-Embers are down the dust,Just a one wind blow,Spark will no more be-
Some say it is impossible to try to take on the powers of God. Some say it's wrong. Some say just bow without question. Are you the part of the some?There is are war going on between my spirit and my flesh.
To know that you have talent, But feel so useless. Wanting to soar through the world, But then they tell you that you'll abuse it.   They'll tell you to always be yourself, Yet actors get paid alot.
America the For∙mi∙da∙ble: “Inspiring fear, or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense or capable.”   America is
My country has the sounds of freedom.  My country has the laws of justice. My country has the land of liberty.  My country is my home. It is a home to me and to many alike and unlike me.   
In these Disunited States We're always concerned with such petty things as Left or right Black or white This or that
America, you began on a solid foundation.  You were great. You were beautiful. You flourished. You grew. People came from all over to marvel at you.  Do you know why you were so great?
America is the land of the free, But sometimes, we are not as free as we think. Our votes don't matter; The electoral college ensures that. Our women's bodies are subject to men's whims,
America the great? Some say so, others say no. While life has improved for some Many have had their lives worsened   Less are in college And we’re supposed to be an educated country?
Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a ballerina.   And now look at me: Caught up in this twisted dance for fools.   I wished for nothing more than to have stage,
I signed my soul away with a 21st century John Hancock, To get rid of stubborn, ages old writer’s block. And now these trembling hands they do mock, At my crooked fingers and smudged fingerprints they gawk.  
I love you.                                                                                                 Not in a romantic way, but rather in a romanticized way.                                                                                   
because i enjoy Freedom that i myself can Earn, each and Every day i Look for something new. I search to find ideas and thoughts and Novel plans
puddles reflect many wonders they tales tales that make one ponder but beware for they reflect the present wonders Only oneself can create future wonders Oh puddles you make me ponder
There is a sound that everybody knows There’s a wave in the wind, someone who is heavy, brawny, grows There's a story lurking, largely lengthy, hardly told
I am Poetry I envision my life as lyrics to music Ahhh the floetry P for Powerful I am powerful with the words that I write My tongue is the sword that shines when there is no light
I am a man, An American man of African and Hispanic descent, Our forefathers and foremothers frequencies suggest they are turning circles in their graves and pits. They dreamt of freedom and we enslave ourselves,
I feel so free! Oh my God, I am free! There is no reservation in the words that I write There is no tongue biting in the thoughts that I speak I am so unstoppable not even Denzel could stop me –
What is greatness?Is it love?
Is this the life I was meant to live? Is it supposed to be like this?
My job isn't to make you feel comfortable To show that I care about how you feel about me Everyone repeat after me: MY worth is not diminished by what others think or say about me. ALL TOGETHER NOW. 
The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become The crazy twirl that destincts Who she is   The girl I was years ago is gone
Person of every moment, I am he who gives without expecting atonement. Give myself to you if ever you need consolement My soul is always open , sometimes my mind is closed in
“You walk funny.” These words have plagued my school experience. No one knows the reason behind this walk, They don’t know that my muscles don’t work and I’m slower than the rest
The greatness of power I stand tall like a tower
As she takes her first breath into this world Without limitations, and Void of expectations She is poised for Greatness   First moments awakened by a smack of the back
Theres an artist behind this Idiot Theres an Ocean beneath this pool and it's full of sharks I present a calm surface because no one can fathom the depth and once they stick a toe in and realize there is no bottom
Sweat, Tears, Desire,
The constellation consisted of magnetars
   I just want to thank you for the chance to tell you about who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m assuming that even if you didn’t ask me, you must have wanted to know who I really am?
This is my attempt at a spoken word piece. Not finished. But, its how I want to start and end it. Tell me what you think...
Ignorance may be bliss but it’s time to risk awareness. Knowledge hurts, but nothing in this world is painless. You may have a thirst for love, but I have a thirst for wisdom.
We are all destined to be great, Although some of us experience a longer wait. Dont give up, you will never succeed, Faith and will power is all that you need.
Forced to be bruised by rough dry earth. Forced to be touched by the whiskey breath. Forced to be laid down on dirty sheets. Forced to live in fear of another's touch. Forced to carry life within womb.
I'm  piecing a puzzle, but i cant seem to finish it.  I mean, its finished, but its not; its all there, yet something's missing; like, the correct complete puzzle, but somehow the pieces don't fit.  
Greatness seems worlds away, Through everlasting space, Between endless time, Far beyond shades of poor, Out reaching the blurred good, Underneath infinite excellence, Lies the Greatness I seek.
I remember sititng, head against the silver wall.  The engine roared, trembling the floor I slouched on. It sounded like some sort of wild beast. Looking out the open door across from me
If there are stars that can shine, however bright they like, then that gives us the right to be as bright as we can be.   If there are planets that give life however vast they like,
  Pressure   Ten thousands tons on my back Can’t stand all that weight im toeing around Ask me to step up my game but I mature a little late so it’s not happening now  
Today we're going to learn about life We're not learning the y and x axis But to sign by the x for taxes Lets not talk about literary devices
Everybody is gifted in their own way So why do we try to wrap them in the same box Thinking if it works for one it works for the other but just because they are both white does not mean they are matching socks
I contend not with men and their rhetoric, but with self and its defiance to the greatness that is alive in me.
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