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Everybody is gifted in their own way

So why do we try to wrap them in the same box

Thinking if it works for one it works for the other

but just because they are both white

does not mean they are matching socks

Measuring someone's abilitty by teaching them the same method

its as ludicrous as putting different keys in the same lock

and saying the other key is worthless because it doesn't fit the lock

Maybe if the time was taken to find out that key's destination 

you would have seen that it has its own path for greatness

It's like cooking two different things with the same preparation

on thanksgiving the turkey is the only thing getting basted

so now your looking at 18 years wasted

because instead of honing what their great at

you expect them to go against the laws of nature

ask them to walk in a straight line while wasted

knowing without their equilibrium they'll never make it

so now on the end of the semester f's some are facing

because you tried to put jerry rice on the offensive line

and still expected him to be the greatest

We come from different backgrounds 

and learn in different ways

the world isn't black and white

we know that there are at least 50 shades of gray


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nice poem

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