Follow Your Heart

Sitting in this class
ignoring the teachers repetitive voice,
I look arond the room.
Each student,
crammed tight in this small space,
has a brilliant mind
unique to who they are.
What they do not see
is the power they posses.
Such as myself,
they too wonder who they are
and what they were made for.
Maybe some have discovered their talent,
but I know I haven't.
Nothing I've learn has drawn me in
nor awakened the brilliance inside.
Though every mind is different,
every mind is great.
Even if we are not sure what makes it so.
If I could pick,
I'd say I have a travelers mind.
My feet constantly wandering,
my mind free of hesitation.
I am open to new ideas
and ready to experience anything new.
I never settle.
Where ever I go,
where ever any of us go,
I know that it will be with our heart
guiding us the passion stirring inside
that will make what we do
an artwork of greatness. 


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