I am Poetry

Mon, 07/04/2016 - 18:52 -- Taipan8

I am Poetry

I envision my life as lyrics to music

Ahhh the floetry

P for Powerful

I am powerful with the words that I write

My tongue is the sword that shines when there is no light

I fight using my passion, I am persistent, patient, and my Gemini personality will leave you perplexed.

O for Optimistic

I am open-minded

I've never quit

I overcome obstacles

With credit given to my keen eye for my future

Success is the path that I'm on and the road is bright.

E for Expecting

I expect nothing but the best for myself

I will not accept failure except when there is a lesson to learn from it

T for Tenacious

I tend to keep a firm grip on my goals

I only release the grip if I feel I've outgrown the goal and it does not fit my personality.

I am tenacious towards the trends I set

I want the credit but not adulation for my creativity

So far I am a POET 

R for Realism

Often seen as one of the realist

Due to my stanzas being some of the illest

All I need is a beat underneath

My work could then be seen as a rap

I repent my sins and continue to reach the finish line

All glory to the higher power 

I could possibly win a grammy or an award from Maya Angelou if I focused more on making this rhyme

Y is for the Youth

The you that I look to inspire

Give you a role model that you can all aspire

To be like

Your future is now

Your hour glass has plenty sand left

You are you

You will be great

You are POETRY

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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