Greatness in me

Greatness. In stride. As I ride. For show. 
Glistening with pride. Joy ride. 
So young, so fun riding with my gun. 
Blasting music, smoking lit firing my gun. 
Lots of fun. Lots of hun' speedometer run.

Hit and run. No fun. Now run. 
What I miss. The passenger fly over in a hiss.
No diss. Real talk. Real chalk. No talk. 
Real walk. Chains. Once before. 
Only forklore. No real slammed door. 
Every floor. Hollering crazy and more. 
Good or bad? Only bad when all is sad. 
Once was, what once had. All bad. 
Locked in pad. And locked for? 
Everything plain to see. A life of pain. 
Sacrificed only by Jesus in misery. 
How he, lives within all of thee' 

I see. Now between me and he. 
Behind bars, my misery. I sacrifice now. 
For me. To be. One in three. You see. 
Understanding me.
Sacrificing for him you and me.
I see. Loving me. You and me. 


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