beauty and the beast

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She’s so lovely on the outside   Gleaming with beauty  on the outside   masking    She's so ugly on the inside   Radiating with hate  on the inside  
Aurora is the definition of beauty- skinny and p-r-e-t-t-y. Who needs a personality when men will fall for your appearance?   Ariel is selfless and brave.
A castle set in the east, Deep within the shadowed wood.   Far from a simple village, In a time of kingdoms and knighthood.   A fair innocent was taken captive,
I spend my days swinging from cart to dish hoping to be a boy again is my only wish.  I really miss my arms and legs. Rumors fly around the castle like featherduster’s feathers that we may be stuck like this forever.
My dear, Belle If only you knew, the flaming heart of desire that I have acquired for you.   But you will never love, such a hideous creature. Revulting, Disgusting, Unwanted.
  What if this story was about a beast, And we didn’t need a beauty? What if there was no happy ending, And we ruined your perfect story?
Oh, they say there is a beast,  who lives up the way. In a house three stories tall, and soon to crumble any day.   But I've seen whose song haunts the halls,
It's been so long since everyone's changed. Sometimes I forget who I really am. You won't believe this, but my brothers and I have been transformed into tea cups. 
Love brings joy and happiness, love can also control all. In order to protect her, lies turn to reality. Although I am handsome prince, and she the true ugly beast. But for the sake of true love,
Once upon a time... A girl named Belle was thrown into a cell to save her father from his fate The keeper was hairy and Belle wished upon a fairy to help her escape
Making fun, “Crazy Old Maurice”. Once upon a time, he was a hired inventor, at peace. Until one winter night,   the young prince answered a knocking. Watching, the inventor
Beauty or Beast?   Come 'round and hear the story of a lass with nightmares to tell! Although, she was trapped in a luxurious castle, she was a strong lass, her heart pure and true,
A Rose never picked, a story never told.  A beauty left alone to choose her own way. A tale as old as time, never exists at all.  What happens when it all gets taken away?  
I watch her reading At the garden my heart skips But it isn't mean to be    
Once upon a time, there was a selfish prince. His obsession with his beauty could make anyone wince.  An unseemly woman came on one cold winter's night asking for a place to stay, giving everyone a fright.
 Writing, the power that masters the beast That turns into something easy to caress Into a bliss of doubt Of fondness, just like love.
Words, words, words… As Hamlet said in his primal tale Words that prints heavenly fables that adjoins one’s appeal
While casually watching Beauty and the Beast, One tends to ignore Gaston's full, poulty feast. He claims to consume "4 dozen eggs each day", This meal is enough to make the chickens pray,
Once upon a time I was the outcast village girl,I danced through my days with a twirl,I walked through the market with my nose in a book,Maybe I'd have noticed the real world if only I'd taken a look.
In a far away land, Lived a monster and a Man,  With a curse no being will understand.   A Man who lived by day as a Bueaty,  Living life very truly, Having human resposiblities and duties.  
Once upon a time... we were suppose to live happily ever after Once upon a time... The spell was broken Unrecognizable in your newest form you were beautiful in and out Out but not in
“I love you,” she said, as the last petal Floated to the ground.   But those three words Weren’t murmured in time. In time… To save the beast. To save the servants. To help anyone.
Once upon a time, there lived a girl with so much beauty. Men thought that she was a dime, but the villager girls thought that she was snooty.   One day, her father travelled far away.
My parents thought I wasn't good enough Depression was something that entered my mind Then I left depression at the door and entered with a huff Rage became my way to fufill my emotions and not be kind  
My heart was thunder in my chest Upon my shoulders A mountain pressed  My shredded dress Blew in the wind She took my hand, The sorceress. Time froze like ice Her cool blue eyes
I want to be married one day. I want to be a lot, a whole lot, but one of the bigger things is that I want to be married someday.   And I don’t know if it’ll happen. I’m scared that it won’t,
Once Upon a time, “You really are a funny girl” Is a statement that has followed me my whole life. When I was young my father asked me why I didn’t like to play with the other kids,
Father's gone Knock Knock I can't answer without Father. Knock Knock Please leave Silence A Rose A Vase A Note Knock Knock No! I'm too ugly Knock Knock No! He's inside. I'll hide. 8 petals remain Knock Knock Who's she?
Once upon a time A girl loved a boy. A bewitching boy. A boy she had never met A boy she only knew from afar But a boy she loved nonetheless.   One day the girl got a message
Once upon a thought  The beast thought he must fall in love "In love?" He thought he could not   The beast stood tall in his castle seeing the clouds above
Kidnapped by the Beast All good; pull out my iPhone Drop my location
Had the Beast been evil And Belle within the walls There'd be no retrieval And no singing in the halls   Had the servants wished revenge On poor Beauty's head No one could avenge
Once upon a time, in a far off land, A young Prince lived in a beautiful castle. Although he had everything he ever wanted, The Prince was selfish, and had no love in his heart. And as punishment for this,
Hands or claws? Fangs or teeth? Fur or skin? The broken dishes The broken chair The broken girl The broken home Shakingly removing the weight from her left hand Realizing the danger
Brutal chills, death knocking Dearest Mother  Has lost become your name? gone? away? This path that has left us both astray  Searching for my mother has left me down despair  
You've heard it said, way long ago, that a Beauty had met a Beast.  Well if the tale, were told as was, that Beauty had secrets to keep.  For if he knew what lied behind that soft and gentle voice
We only look with our eyes, and not with our souls. That was the moral of this story before. As the last petal falls, sinking, sinking down more.   But what if the beauty was the beast?
Once upon a time, There was a man. This man met a lady, one he was forced to send away His parents had just kicked everyone out, They told him to let no one in.
She could have asked for anything: Diamonds,Dresses,Dainty Delicacies. But she knew None of those things mattered.She had all she needed:A father's love,A mother's memory,Her beloved books. But there was one thing she wanted,Something so fleeting,
They say a monster lives there, a ferocious beast, Of course no one has seen him, not in the least. But I want to know the truth, I want to see, So into the darkness, into the castle, I must flee.  
She’s nothing like the rest of us    Belle of the ball, And her father, the town outcast    She dreamed of having it all   So she had a plan,    Was she brave? As she was cunning
Started off with butterflies every single time,  I gave you a rose and my heart you put me in the line But then I turned into a beast and I started going wild, And now I'm sitting while I'm watching you without a smile
Who could love such a beast you might ask But you are wrong to be asking For you should love with your heart Not those brown eyes That you use to see through everything but my heart
America is not free, not until everyone has the same rights as you and me. We? Us? Them? Who am I to say we are the same. They fight to walk down the streets. I fight just to marry the man of my dreams.
It's not every day You get swept away By a mighty beast But if I had That fateful day I'd have a story to tell at the very least
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