Belle Under A Spell

Sun, 08/20/2017 - 17:37 -- megd123

Once upon a time, there was a selfish prince.

His obsession with his beauty could make anyone wince. 

An unseemly woman came on one cold winter's night

asking for a place to stay, giving everyone a fright.

Repulsed by her manner, he laughed in her face

thinking what kind of person could be such a disgrace!

Then her beauty she revealed and her power released

as she turned the young man into a hideous beast.

She gave him a rose saying, "Before these petals fall, 

someone must love you -claws, flaws and all."


As many years passed, he lived in his castle alone.

"No one could ever love a Beast," he would moan.

Until, one day, a beautiful woman arrived.

She made a deal -forever to stay at the castle inside.

Belle was her name and she was his guest.

-- You know the story. You can figure out the rest.


But what you don't know is that they'd met before.

Remember the unseemly woman he met at the door?

For she was certainly the one who cast the spell.

-- the beauty that we now know as Belle.

They helped each other discover the beauty within:

Beast, the prince, and Belle, the woman.

The two of them did find their happiness and bliss

when they finally shared true love's kiss.


Through many years they enjoyed each other's laughter,

and they continue to share their happily ever after.



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