"Beauty and the East"- (modern twist of Beauty and the Beast)

Brutal chills, death knocking

Dearest Mother 

Has lost become your name? gone? away?

This path that has left us both astray 

Searching for my mother has left me down despair


Chest collapse in, fear stalking

Wide is the Empires' door

Have you taken my dearest Mother? Her freedom? Her landscape?

East please give her back


down on my trembling knees

Walking through the castle only darkness encompasses


Terror. Terror. Terror.

My beauty is defined in my courage, my knowledge, my potential


Mother im running to you. Hold on. Oh dearest mother, surely I am coming.


East was terror. East imprisioned my mother. He took her freedom.

The exchange became the deal

"Give me your beauty in exchange for your mother"

Submission led me to become his slave.


The east took away my mother Earth-

His terrorism took away my mother Earth.

I lost my courage. All I aspired.

A simple transaction to exchange for fear.

I lived in the castle with the ugly East.

I survived prison with only strength.


However, times are changing.

The petals of the earth are falling.

The terrorism turned into awareness. His killing. His martyring. 

The East will not stand a chance to union no more.

The East will be forced to change.

The East, terrorism, and killing the innocent will not face a chance against humanity


The East picked up ballroom dancing with Bell

This terrorist danced away into peace instead of terror

Love conquered

Roses blossomed

Terrorism no longer dwelled in the East

Terrorism was a once upon a time nightmare

Courage. Knowledge. Potential. 

My mother Earth was back. My true beauty was back.


Beauty and the East lived happy.

Rejoicing in ever after. A tale that will soon be as old as time. 

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My country
Our world
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