As the Last Petal Fell...

“I love you,” she said, as the last petal

Floated to the ground.


But those three words

Weren’t murmured in time.

In time…

To save the beast.

To save the servants.

To help anyone.


Now Belle has lost.

Has lost her friends.

Has lost her love.

Has lost her hope.

And it’s only

A matter of time.

Before she loses

Her father as well.


“Mama, what’s happening?”

“Don’t worry, Chip.

Everything will be o…”

A mother says,

Trying to calm her son.

“Mama? MAMA! Ma…”


From that point on,

Belle never left the castle.

She didn’t want to face the town.

What they would do to her,

Taunt her, call her names,

It would be too much for her.


She spent the rest of her days

In the west wing,

In the vast library

The curtain tugged shut,

Or taking care of her dying father.


When her father died, she buried him

In the also dying rose garden.

Right next to the Beast.


No more than 3 months later,

She would join the two bodies

In the rose garden.


Years went by

Before the enchantress stumbled by.

She towered above the three graves

And said,

“I told you, dear Adam.

No one would love you with that temper.”


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