Beauty or Beast?

Beauty or Beast?


Come 'round and hear the story

of a lass with nightmares to tell!

Although, she was trapped

in a luxurious castle,

she was a strong lass,

her heart pure and true,

her fear was that one day

she would turn into a shrew.


For this lady fair

gave everything she had

to a man who resembled a bear.


Knights tried to save her

but she did not wish it so,

"Begone," she'd shout to the Knights so true

"My love is stronger than you!"


"Why do you love him," said the Knights in blue

"this man is a Beast, why, he could eat you!"

The lady laughed

for she knew...


"My love is a beast

that may be true

but he takes care of me

that much I can prove.


I have a home full of servants

cooking and cleaning all day.

At dinner the only lights that shine

are the sparkles in his baby blue eyes.

After dinner we dance

to our favorite song

while he woos me all night long.


At the end of the night

when we are through

he escorts me to the door to my room.

He kisses me goodnight

and that is all--a gentle Beast through and through."


The Knights, bewildered, turned to leave

but one heartbroken Knight turned and said:

"Stay here forever

and you'll regret not leaving,

never seek our help

be forever a knave."

The Knights rode off, without a prize,

to tell their King of thier demise.


The lass knew they would never know

how her love could grow and grow

for the Man that loved her so.


They saw a Beast, but she saw a Man,

it begs to question

who is Beast

and who is Man.


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