True Beauty

My heart was thunder in my chest

Upon my shoulders

A mountain pressed 

My shredded dress

Blew in the wind

She took my hand,

The sorceress.

Time froze like ice

Her cool blue eyes

Pierced mine

"What shall it be?"

She raised her chin

"I can change him

...If you wish"

My jaw tightens

My grip fastens

Change him?

The rumors spoke 

Of a ruling beast

But no animal owned his name

He was crippled...

He was cold

... With kind eyes,

A brave soul

And true love. 

My heart calms

Time goes on

I stand upon

The mountain 

Of my decision

"Some call me Belle,

When they see my face,

But he loves my passion, my vision...


And I love every part....

Of him"

I lock my gaze

"Do not change him-

There is nothing to change"

For the first time she smiles

She bows her head

"The beauty and the beast

Have my blessing"

And she is gone

A man's arms 

Pull me aside 

And wrap around me

"And this..." he murmurs

"Is why I love you.

This is why I love you"


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Thank you for the opportunity and encouragment to write this poem :) 

I think true love is fully accepting our significant other- warts and all, and I have 

enjoyed rewriting this well known fairy tale.


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