"Words, words, words"

Words, words, words…

As Hamlet said in his primal tale

Words that prints heavenly fables that adjoins one’s appeal

Stained with fantasies that marvel's their symptomatic thrills

Ending without a question to be filled.

The same words that haunts our minds with imaginations that corrupts our rationalized time.

Bending towards the love that manifested through a character’s songs and rhymes,

Allowing ourselves to wonder, that if love is true if it met the eye.

~It’s all lies.


It has been told before, that love comes without consent,

With its virtue, it’s destined to be contempt,

For all love are never truly the same as its epics.

Romeo is never seen by a Juliet

The beast is never as gentle with the beauty

Nor would a kiss would woken the sleeping maiden.

You see? Fables is but a riddle for those with keen eyes

That love is a word best used by those who’s written.

Words, words, words...  





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