a sonnet

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Will I hear the melody of our lifeIf our hands shall be connected till thenEmbrace you in red sky, till afterlifeMy soul is whispering, can you listen?Color my feelings, I wonder it's grayWords on my face, you won't be able to hearNature starts a
For the way that the sun lays upon me. It shows me my incomplete bitterness. You may ask,”A ray so bright hinders ye?” Thou hast thrown out all life has given us.  
Hast I lost my eyes, trapped in ceaseless times Where bleak clouds soar the skies and block my mind? From these clouds does rain fall; acidic crimes
Dark skin is not a badge of shame  My African beauty makes me shine Nubian beauty is a crown that I claim And still I rise.  
 When I go outside, brightness strikes my face,  Why must the beam of light feel sensational ?  Now I know I am living the best life,   The pale April dew, reminds me each day.
My love, a pinky promise with a kiss Oh, it means so much with you, my dear I swear my love for you is full of bliss You swear that I have not a thing to fear  
   A Summer’s Daydream   For shall I say nature is intriguing, Welcoming new life in every aspect. Flowers vividly in the light shining,
So oft doth love be blindly thrown into An endless savage cycle of deceit, For thyself the results are still askew. Wherefore it ofttimes is so bittersweet? Although I knoweth not what love entails,
  Petruchio and Kate, equals in wit; Darcy and Miss Bennet, with surety; Gilbert and Anne, sharing kindred spirits; Marius and Cosette, in purity;  
the snow fell onto the earth without time as the moon blossomed in the July sky. who knew eyes allowed love to be a crime, and for the gray clouds to silently cry.  
  The sky was still gray when he left for school The streets were still wet, his heart filled with dread Every step was hard, an internal dual
Those small Christmas lights lit up my whole world Those lights made me smile for just a short time THey made time last forever, everything whirled Little orbs that were bright and made life fine,
There once was a girl Who had a war going on inside her. This war was a just a quarrel Between all nations to see who was best.   The sad girl was getting too frail and sick
My smile shines at the sound of his name His chocolate eyes stared only at me But his reputation brought him his fame Why did his looks fill up my heart of glee?   His calm voice brought me home.
Something's not right.It's sudden and sinister.Making my chest feel tight,an unwelcome visitor. Suddenly my heartbeats beats beatsI’m going to fall apartI want this to cease.
Cheese is really great I only eat it if it’s fake It is for the cow’s sake There is no debate: To love it is my fate Without it, I would break
Black cats with broken mirrors smile widely.Under ladders comes with falling hazards.On Fridays with a killer who smiles slyly.Be sure to stay away from the taverns.
To all that I am and all I am not, I confess, it was for the better you left me behind, all alone with only the strength of my thoughts. You stole my soul, they will convict you of theft.
A prince with eyes of gold; He loves me more than I. For he acts more lovely than I can withhold; It is a love I shan't ever defy.
“Obscene and insulting to this practice,” they scream holding large signs from the roadside “How dare you condone this sin with such pride?”
  Growing ever so straight from the low land Having risen into the sparkling sun Tumbling quickly down from lumber mans hands No matter her lovely age she can't run
Upon golden shore does crash the wave, warmly whispering, sweet Zephyr does croon, still, these errant thoughts of you I cannot stave, My heart is the Tide and you are the Moon.  
A shallow river reflects sun-chilled souls Within the scope of nothingness. Divine Shall be the one who sees the deeper coals That burn two holes in faces chilled with time--
There once a gem of great beauty;who's heart was pure as gold.As a fair maiden she had her dutyto find a man to love so bold.So she found a man with strength unmatchedwith a heart as deep as night.
Once upon a time, a baby girl was born. Her curls were free and her eyes could smile. A voice, so sweet, her being did adorn, but without her legs, her life was full of trials.
  Your eyes shone bright into my darkened soul. Your smile lightened up my sorrowful life. Your touch made me leap, made my stomach roll.
America the great, is not so great, Or rather great with imperfections That impede its equal opportunity gate. Even if pointed in the right direction
My Rapunzel, thou art a fairy tale come true With beauty as radiant and visible to the world Personality that glows and brightens through Not cliche, yet a rare kind of girl  
It’s a disease really. The effect is universal- knawing at the heart. It’s a thirst so fierce.   The one that wants
A dark past of pain  Everyone as my bane Old friends  gone and now lost Trying to make amends without a cost Freshmeat as they called me And as it were, it shall be
There comes a time in everyone's life, When you just simply wish to escape your reality, A mental strain or a personal strife, A deep desire for vitality.  
The butterflies begin to flit and fly. / The dandelions pop up, little poles / of green and yellow, fluffy, light and spry. / The sun begins to burn like blazing coal.
Thou art the work of ethereal tune. Known by all, thine act is well sought after. A flip of sheet music, tis only noon. violin voice, and harpsichord laughter;   Now glancing left and right in hopes to find,
A cold, wet rain is falling down in sheets A car continues on its winding road A face stares, shivers with ev’ry drop seen Her companions ignorant to the cold
Steal from me, this lonely dishevelled heart Take from me, this lowly accursed soul Rip it from my chest and tear it apart Lest ye love the kin of the evil whole  
This a story of life and loveOf reaching for those that have gone aboveOf trying to keep away your madnessThis is the Sonnet of Sadness- - - - -You waited for love with abated breath,
Horrible days often are so silent No words to speak nothing to listen to The nature of those days can be violent One moment you're fine, the next you feel blue   It's like a part of you  has gone away
Surrounded by oceans of frothy blue, all alone upon heartless, golden sand, I sit.  There is not a soul to speak to out here, but it is not an empty land.   Through the mountains, the trees, and every thing,
Do you recall when you confessed your love? How you regretted of letting her go? I do, for my heart shattered. No white dove Visited me. My face turned white as snow.  
If the point of life is to live throughout, Why do I feel dead inside all the time? I feel as I'm in an eternal drought To off myself would be a weary climb.   What time in life does life begin?
My love for you is likely dangerous It's kind but difficult to understand Your love for me is unlikely ageless It breaks my heart but still warm is my hand I am an addict of your cheated love
Some may wonder about God's love for you But his devotion will never waiver Hear his book of messages and pursue And know his son will remain our savior He was with you at your darkest moment
He stands like power incarnate, as Right. With staff and globe, in light in dark in pride, He wills and I am moved--refracted light Through glass, as if my older self had died.
I sing a sonnet for you, to immortalize my love, I sing a sonnet for you, such eternity that embraces fond memories, such pureness as youth sights, such beauty as smile's meaning, I sing a sonnet for you, 
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