Sonnet of Sadness

This a story of life and love
Of reaching for those that have gone above
Of trying to keep away your madness
This is the Sonnet of Sadness
- - - - -
You waited for love with abated breath,
but you could not have what you wanted most
Because down she went on the path of death,
and all that’s left of her is a pale ghost

Stumbling in the dark of your hollow mind,
you try to find reality again
But you find yourself lonely and entwined,
with mourning and longing for way back when

You go through all the torture and torment,
waiting to join your love in lasting peace
For all your troubles to at last relent,
and for all your pain to finally cease

Living on through your suffering and strife,
failing to keep who was to be your wife
- - - - -
You can’t just move on without a thought,
but instead you go try to find the way
To make the most of all that you have got,
and to try to keep your collapse at bay

You walked through the rain to wash away your tears,
mentally hacking through all the brambles
Clearing a bright path to allay your fears,
in your darkened life which is in shambles

Seeing the end, you go that extra mile
to leave a message of some thoughts and text
Reaching for the stars above, all the while
you have prepared for whatever comes next

You are incessantly drawn to the light,
blissfully you dream of eternal night


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