Love's Duality

So oft doth love be blindly thrown into

An endless savage cycle of deceit,

For thyself the results are still askew.

Wherefore it ofttimes is so bittersweet?

Although I knoweth not what love entails,

I have watched it play from foreign sections.

Love shackles and secures privy curtails,

And it demands unceasing affection.

Hark now, I need not plague love’s risky name.

Its beaming rays consume the darkness, for

Thine eyes burning a passionate flame.

As love emits a transcending uproar,

It is attraction; it is repulsion.

At once, it is everything and nothing.

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Our world
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Sam I. Amerynth

'Tis such a beautiful poem. My heart flutters with every word. This shows of art.

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