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We must stop, dear child. It isn't safe for us here. We mustn't get too close, For it's the virus that we fear.   But mother, my friends, how I miss them so dear. I know about the conditions, I know they are severe.  But if only I get to say a "he
It Seems That MANY Place WEALTH... On A HIGHER Shelf Than Their Personal Health... ? So I Guess They Can’t Tell That This May Not Serve Well... ?!? ESPECIALLY Now That Corona’s Around... !!!
Now They May Stop My Ability To Have Some Stability... Because of A LACK of Earning BIG CASH... !!! But What They WON'T STOP While My Mind State Is Living... Is Verse That Breeds Thinking In Poems I’m Bringing...
Well Now It Seems That There Is NO DOUBT... !!! That Humanity Is Being DROWNED... !!! By Government Clowns And New Tech Sounds... !!! That Have Folks Running Round With Rather LARGE Frowns... !!!
When It Comes To Responses... I Rise ABOVE Nonsense That Most Heads Be Dropping... !!! Because I Now Find That TOO Many Minds... Have Become Inclined To Think That They’re Right Pretty Much ALL The Time... ?!?
Mask up Six feet apart please Forget your own name You won't need to speak Don't cough in public Wash your hands Remember hand sanitizer Follow the demands The virus is super bad
Okay It’s Fair To Suggest That My Poems... Cast Out A Very BIG NET... !!! That Causes UPSET To IGNORANT Men... As Well As YES... Women... !!! But DON'T BLAME ME If The CAP Fits YOUR Head... !!!
Now We Know Folks Are GAGGED In Ways That Are BAD... !!! And In Ways That Some Use Within Their Sexual Moves... !!! But What About Masks... We Should Think About That... !?!
So Now Government Measures Are Placing PRESSURES... And INCREASING STRESSES... Because of Infections of Corona SPREADING... !!! These Measures Have PRESSURED... The Minds of Heads Vetted As NEEDING PROTECTION... !!!
So It’s Pretty CLEAR Now To Folks... Who’ve Read My Form of Prose... That My Poetic Quotes... Rock The DOPEST FLOWS... !!! That Hit Just Like Mike Tyson Blows... !!!
Now I Think That I Should Mention... That Tensions Have STRENGTHENED In These CRAZY Times... !!! Because of The PRESSURES of … Modern Life... !!! Masks Now In Sight Daytime And Night...?!?
Okay So It’s CLEAR That The Ones They DON’T Like... Are Us DARK SKINNED TYPES Whether Women Or Guy... It’s CLEAR That Most FEAR When We Start To Draw NEAR... !! And Most Who NOW Are CLAIMING To Be Down...
So Through Human Existence... There’s Been Much RESISTANCE To INDEPENDENT Thinking... And Now That..... Corona’s KILLING... !!! Resistance Is Sinking Just Like Those Kids Shrinking...
So It Seems To Be TRUE... !!! Lies Move QUICKER Than The Truth... !!! From Boardrooms To Media Newsrooms... And Of Course They Move Through... “Secretive Crews”...
So It’s Clear That I’m A Poetic HEAVY HITTER ... !!! Because My Rhymes Hit HARDER Than HITLER ... !!! ................... See What I Mean ................. !!! I Hit Ya Like Mike Did To Yup ... Mitch Green ... !!!
In the year 2020, we thought it was going to be the year that we need to live in harmony but turns out to be a phony. People die, my life a lie, made me realize, I need to open my eyes and rise to face the challenges insight.
In the year 2020, we thought it was going to be the year that we need to live in harmony but turns out to be a phony. People die, my life a lie, made me realize, I need to open my eyes and rise to face the challenges insight.
Now When It Comes To Keeping My Brain Waves MOVING... I Choose To DO IT... Rather Than Refuse It... !!! Because I’m NOT STUPID Or One Who Is Foolish... !!! Now I DO Make Mistakes And Have Made Some BAD Choices...
Now It’s A Phrase That I Love But What Really Is Up... ?!? With Heads Who Choose To ... FAKE THE FUNK... !!! Because It’s Really NOT COOL To Be Pulling That Move... !!! Now These Rhymes Have Come As It Approaches... One...
Now I'm The Type Who’s A... CONFIDENT GUY... !!! Pretty Much ALL The Time As I’ve Been Throughout My Life... There’s Only ONE Thing I’m NOT CONFIDENT With...
Now I TRULY BELIEVE That My Poetic Readings... Reflect A ... Voice of Reason... That’s NOT Always Pleasing... But Deals In Straight Speaking... That REJECTS... Deceiving... !!! And The Type of Glass Ceilings...
Now When It Comes To Blacks... Who CLAIM To LOVE Black Clans... When It Comes To Their Getting Cash...
So It’s Pretty CLEAR That I Am A LYRICAL Guy ... !!! Because My Rhyme Style DEFINES ... !!! Poetic Designs That Are BRIGHT Light SUNSHINE ... Or The ... SHARPEST of Minds ... !!!
Now I’m JUST Planting Seeds Through Verse And Poetry... That I Now Use To Speak On Yes... REALITY... !!! So Of Course My Verse Deals With DIFFERENT Beliefs... Like JUSTICE, PEACE And EQUALITY... !!!!!
Well I Guess It’s Time For Heads To Now... “ REASSESS”... What Will Serve Them Best Now Corona Has Sent... A WHOLE NEW NORMAL Into Human Portals... !?!?! of... Future Existence Where ALL These PM’s And PRESIDENTS...
Well Now It’s Pretty Clear That The Truth Is Steered... AWAY From Ears And Peoples Eyes... !!! When It Comes To OUR LIVES... !!! Because It’s LIES That Are Fed To Minds... !!!
I watch as the trend curves upwards And sickness plagues the earth And the masks remain unworn
So It Seems These Days That A Complex Is On Display... Where Being Superior Is The Type of Criteria... That Is Being Claimed By... Various Names... And Groups Running Loose In How They Exude...
So The Time Has Come To Have New Years Fun... Because The Year 2020 Is... Finally Done... But What A Year 2020 Has Been... !?! It’s Been A Year of FEAR Due To This Viral Disease... !!!
So The Song Is WELL KNOWN... The One That Bob Wrote... Where These Builders Refuse To Use Head Corner Stones... They Now PREFER To Choose... The Stones That They Can USE Like A Pair of Work Boots... !!!
Now I Have Had It Said That I’m Pretty INTENSE... !!! Which I Guess Is Because My Thinking Is STRONG... !!! As Is My Poetry Because My Verse Deals In HARSH REALITIES... Rather Than Fallacies And Foolish FANTASIES... !!!!!!
Well It Seems That These Days... That FAKES And SNAKES Are ALL OVER THE PLACE... !?! From Those With Names Now Claiming... FAME... To Those Who Partake In The Political Frame...
So Now It Seems FAIR To Say... That People These Days... ... REALLY DO AMAZE... !!! From Their VIOLENT Displays... To The Things That Some Say... To How They Then Behave... !?!
Now I Be Putting In Work When It Comes To My Verse... But UNLIKE THE CRIPS... My Bullets Are WORDS... !!! So Require NO HEARSE... !!! Because They’re Well Observed To Leave A Fool SERVED... !!!
I’m REALLY Hoping That I HAVEN’T Past My Prime... !!! Because My Minds STILL PRIMED To Write These Rhymes... About ... Our Lives... About ... Why We Smile And Why We Die... !!!! About THOSE THIGHS...
Corona II by: Luis V Corona here we go again Corona just go away and leave all of us alone Corona you make matters worse People are cancelling their plans again
Now When It Comes To What People DESERVE... There Are LOTS of Words That Should Be OBSERVED... !!! Because MANY Are Called But Are Part of The HERDS... Whose Lives Are Reserved To Get Their Just Deserts... !!!
Ya Know Peoples’ Behaviour’s... Getting... Stranger And STRANGER... !!!
Well It’s Clear That We’re Letting... A WHOLE LOAD of CRETINS... !!!
The CROWDS... WOW The CROWDS... !!! So QUICKLY After A GLOBAL LOCKDOWN... ?!? Because of A Virus That SHUT The World Down... But Instead of Silence... We’ve Had Crowds Running Round...
Now It's Clear That I’m A... Creative Dude... But I REFUSE To Choose To Let WILD Talk Loose... !!! I Choose To Use Wordplay That’s Shrewd... When It Comes To News That Fuels Our World View...
Now I Have To Say... That In These Strange Days... My Use of Wordplay Is In A RICH VEIN... !!!!! From Reflecting On Things That Are Proving To STING... !!!
It’s CLEAR That Government Tactics Are Now Causing DAMAGE... !!! To Employment And Lives That Are Now COLLAPSING... !!! Due To Tactics UNWISE That Are Now Causing PANIC... !!!
Now I’m A Man Whose Mental... …………… TAPS ………… !!! Into Spoken Words And Poetic Verse... About This World And How It Turns... So My Tap Runs And RUNS And RUNS... !!!
So When It Comes To Poems... My Styles Are... FRESH... !!! When It Comes To Subjects... Like How We Humans BLEND... And CREATE... Children... !!!
It Seems That Folks SHOULD PREPARE... !!! For This Phrase I Now Share That Clearly Will SCARE... !!! For Heads Now Aware... That The World May Be Heading Into A NIGHTMARE... DYSTOPIAN... YEAH... !!!
So... Corona Movements And Now Education... Are Creating A World of CRAZY CONFUSION... !?! COVER Your Face ALL Over The Place... !!! But When You Eat Food And Take Food From Your Plate...
It REALLY Is An AMAZING Thing... !!! To See How QUICK Some People SWITCH When PRESSURE Liks’... !!! And NOT The Type of Pressure That Brings... BAD Weather... !!!
Folks Keep Your Minds CLEAR of... Modern Day FEARS... !!! FEAR of Talk Spreading You Catching Infections... !!! Because of This VIRUS... That May CLOG Up Your SINUS... !!! FEAR of INCITEMENT And Modern Day Violence... !!!
So What’s Coming Next... ? Now That The PRESIDENT... Has Caught This VIRUS... ?!?
She walks in beauty like the night The breeze blowing against her loneliness Her weight bearing down on the city Alas! A victim! A  p o o r  s o u l .. With a single touch In his body she holds court
These Days It’s TRUE And CLEARLY In View... That A Whole Lot of People Have Changing Moods That AREN’T ALL GOOD... !!! Because of PRESSURES That Are Now Due To This... " Corona Flu "...
Now When My Mental DRIVES My Mind To Write Rhymes... Their Range of Wordplay... Spreads FAR And WIDE... !!! From Social Crimes To Relationship Strife... To The Type of Things With Societal STINGS... !!!
From Schools To Bedrooms To Business Boardrooms... As Well As These People In Government Crews... MANIPULATION... Is A Thing That Is USED... To... Maintain Control of Submissive Folks... !!!!
It Seems That MANY Are Living With... “Limited Vision”... !!! Cos’ They’ve Fallen Victim To Being Those Willing...
We take online classes-Teachers create video chats with scared studentsMounds of homework pile up on sanitized desksThis is no vacation- Turn in times for assignments fill up my inbox
Bi-Racial kids In a time of hysteriaGet torn apartAsian peopleAre blamed For eating batsFor wearing masksAnti-Asian propagandaDistributed by the white governmentThe white country
Now I Waved GOODBYE To... UK Coastlines... Because There Were Vibes That I DID NOT LIKE... !!! But THIS Set of Rhymes... Speak On Waves That Now Rise of The CORONA Type... !?!
Crazy COVID-19 has us all in a tizzyToo much information making all of us dizzyMost who’ve been exposed self-quarantineRunning out of toilet paper making us mean“Social distancing” is the phrase du jour
Among mankind's best—Brave, courageousHeroes who do no harmAssuaging our fearWith fellow feeling and careAmidst viral strains' stealthy swarm.Among mankind's worst—
Does wearing a mask make you ill?Are you a social distancing hater?Just imagine how you'll feelBeing put on a ventilator. .© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.  
“Testing Testing One Two Three ! that’s right, keep your distance, about six feet ! Form a queue please, and keep it orderly, because we’re testing to see if any of you have the Corona Disease !”
In A Time Where Zones... Across The Globe Are... “CLOSED”... !!! To AVOID Being... Bro ken... !!! I Think That It’s Wise To Keep Our Minds OPEN... !!!
My wife and I both worked at a video game store.They closed and we're not working there anymore.They closed their doors because of this damn Coronavirus.We're unemployed and no other businesses are willing to hire us.
The year is half over, today is the 30th of June.The first half of this year went by pretty soon.In just a few days, we'll celebrate the 4th of July.Firecrackers will pop and bottle rockets will soar into the sky.
Now I’m NOT Being Funny... Because THIS THING Is UGLY... !!! ... LOSS of LIFE... !!! As Multitudes Die... !!! But I’ve Got To Ask... How Exactly Do They Know... ?
Okay So What EXACTLY Is... " COVID-19 ".... ?!? A.......... (C.O.V.I.D)........ Certificate of Vaccination ID... ?!? Take A Moment And THINK... Do You Get The LINK... ???
Contrary To Chat That I’m An ANGRY Man... !!! I’m More Relaxed... Than A Laid Back Cat And That’s A FACT... !!! But That’s NOT The Track That This Poem Maps... !!!!!!!!!
It Seems That People Are Now Thinking... Exactly... “ Which One Is It ?”.... An Epidemic... Pandemic.... Or Is This A... ...... “ PLANNED-demic’ ?!? “......
Like everyone she too had a dream of her own A dream not something impossible to achieve A dream for which she dared even the deadliest virus Working days and nights doing what she loved
So These Sheople People... Keep Proving They’re FEEBLE... Doing This And Doing THAT... Like... "Mice In A Trap"... !!!
A vision where things seemed to be clear Where people were excited for the year All was starting to look super swell Until we saw his helicopter fell This year already has not been aspired amongst us
So It Seems That Extensions... Are Now Worthy of Mention... Because In Times Like These... Where This Corona Disease... ... Has People SCARED... !!!!! Extensions Prepared... Are Not Being Impaired...
Okay So This Verse Speaks... Upon ... " Biblical Themes " ... Because Words Like These... Now Really Don’t Seem To Have Too Much Worth...!?! Because The Meek ARE NOT Inheriting The Earth... !!!
I wear my mask not for me, but for you For your children For your parents and grandparents With their cancer, heart disease, and asthma I fear for their lives The sickness is brutal
A sick animal Chimpanzee stays away from Darkness avoided
I can’t breathe.  It’s choking me -- suffocating me.  But I just let it.  All the air sucked from my lungs.  But I endure. 
So What’s Happened To The CHATTER... ? About... Black Lives Matter... ?!? DON'T They Matter NOW ... That Coronas Around... ?!?
I saw the sun rise from beneath the ground,And bring a time of sunshine and cheer around,When children played around and the nature danced to its own beat,When birds sung their melodies and butterflies came to greet,
......... " The Corona Wars " .......... Have Become A Force And That's For SURE ... !!! From Various Shores To People Indoors ... They’re Being Waged All Over The Place ... !!!
The future is mine. With the present stress, I promise it will be fine, In the future I see success.    Now is the time to start,
It's a sort of aching We share. Questions of Our mortality Blow in the wind,  Behind our windowpanes. Windowpanes that have become our spectacles as We observe What we cannot change
My Fellow Writers... PLEASE... ... Hear Out My PLEA... !!!!!!!! Everything You Now Write Doesn’t Have To Be... Designed In Line With Corona Themes... !!!
One day we'll look back and remember this period Like Elvis, 9/11, Princess Di and a myriad of other life changing times as historians will document War, pandemics, bills and oth'r events
It Seems That We’ve Now Found An Issue That... " SURROUNDS "... !!! The Question I Have‘s ... " So What’s Fake Now ? "...
These rhymes I spit Remind me of times I cannot forget When people are on the streets crying cause their families are home dying And government lies and trials and tribulations we can not forgive
These rhymes I spit Remind me of times I cannot forget When people are on the streets crying cause their families are home dying And government lies and trials and tribulations we can not forgive
We are not heroes.  We are just people,  trying to survive.  You and I,  are not equals.  You work from home while I...  I work to ensure that I get to keep mine. 
Okay So Now They Say That It’s NOT 5G... !!! That’s Part of The Spread of This Corona Disease... ?!? So Who Exactly … Are We Supposed To Believe... ? The Likes of... David Icke... !?!
Hi Friend,Or, uh. . .  Maybe friend. I only say Maybe Because it has been 52 days since I saw You last.
WE are the priveledged ones, taking these deaths as our time to have fun. WE are not affected and WE cannot be told what to do, as the rest of the world stands silent and blue.  
And just like that The world became quieter  Hearts grew heavier People's privilege shone a little brighter  And the great big tide Kindled humanity's desire to be kinder.  
I Really Think ... That What’s Happening ... Can Bring Good Things... !!! Like MORE Thinking And LESS HATING... !!! Because In These Days Why Would You Embrace... Ideas of Race Hate When You Are Forced To...
Okay Okay ... So It’s Time For A Change ... And A System Upgrade ... ALL Because of This Corona Strain ... That’s Causing People PAIN ... !!!
So We’re In A New Curve Within This World ... Social Distance Observed By People In Herds ... of Cattle Now Rattled By ... " Corona Battles " ...
It began with wings, leathery skin of a night dweller. Hiding in plain sight under the veil of darkness. It could not live nor die, it only was. Coated in toxicity and bathed in the very blood that worshiped it.
Well It Was A Matter of Time ... Before Some Minds Would Eventually Find ... Conspiracy Vibes About The Design of This Corona Line ...
the people are protesting some michigan fool carried a  confederate flag in the street (doesn't he know it isn't his flag that is the flag of  my people we bled under that
You walk into the giant corporation of a store, having waited in that line for about twenty minutes. It’s just another Tuesday. 
So It Seems That GREED... Is Part of The Disease That Corona Breeds... !?!
my dear nurse! in this condition... talking to you, cures my depression... I'm in distress, my friends left me... watching you, is the reason i'm happy...
Quarantined at homeNothing to do but school workLife is disrupted 
Corona has come At least we have family I would prefer school  
Wash your hands, use the soap Stay at home, try to cope Self-isolate, don’t foster hate Forgive those who hoard the toilet rolls We are all nothing more than ravaged souls.  
They say to "social distance" But that doesn't mean you have to stop socializing They say to stay at home But you can still videochat, you know Six million Americans unemployed More on the way
Shelter-in-place now I'm getting really bored now I just keep snacking
The fallen wings A world for me and you Ever wondered what’s a lie and true In order to become cool All we were doing was making ourselves a complete fool We forgot what’s HUMANITY
Then came the time of the novel plague. It was no pox, no fever, no ague. No, this one was new (It's called SARS-CoV-2), Though we've seen its like before, And its like was not of yore.  
Beholding this enigmatic situation, Where Corona is striking trepidation, And earth is forlorn and sky is colorless. Where my heart is in detention, And mind is teemed with obscuration.
OutsideFor the first time in a week...   It was surreal to feel the windLightly blow against your cheekAnd amongst the trees...Birdsong   Infected your earsMusic. Symphonies.  
What's there to be Between you and me If we're constantly separated? It's been coerced To remain dispersed And sadly isolated. After many suns and many moons I wish that I could see you soon
I'm miserable.  It's killing me. I can't see you, hold you,  touch you, and it's killing me. I'm alone. All alone in an abandoned apartment. The silence, loud.  My head, messy.
Pandemonium at houses, hush across the streets The centenary, probably worst of all centuries Hashtag "StaySafe" , in the trending tweets Disrupted nations, even as mighty as Chinese
Lockdown Virtually in Jail A Killer Virus on the lose Covid-19 plagues A silent terror killing people Got the world in a panic mode 627 people died in one day alone Distance
As we cheered to the new year, That was supposed to be the start of gear, But Alas! we were embraced by an unwelcoming fear, Fear of mingling, for not to shed tears,
Im sitting in my house and weighing the options. If I go out, I may get sick, but I have a death wish anyway so bring it on. If I stay in this house any longer I am going to turn into Jack Nicholson. I want to see my boy,
The world now in a state of despair. Uncertainty, ominous, something sinister in the air Allurement and beauty, a lack of attraction. Human beings, walking corpses, how they fear their contraction
Last week, it seems as though you were so long ago, yet you also just happened.  Last week, I miss your innocence, your ignorance, your joy. I miss the hope you gave about plans for the future and optimism for us all,
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