In the end

One day we'll look back and remember this period
Like Elvis, 9/11, Princess Di and a myriad

of other life changing times as historians will document
War, pandemics, bills and oth'r events

I hope this goes viral, yes pun intended
Our world has changed, everything's upended
Schools closed, sports off, Olympics suspended

Trump tweeting dumb shit in all caps and it's fake news
Pastors telling people to show up in church pews
It's our health that's at stake, not your nonsense views

That pastor died, but then what you'd expect?
When you're selfish, don't listen or wanna respect
the stay at home orders just meant to protect.

Here in the US, we've reached the top spot,
Most infected, most deaths, yeah, that's saying alot
With the idiot in charge who thinks a Lysol bleach shot

will cure our one million that are infected
No plan, all talk and no stimulus collected.
Nurses tired, cashiers working and teachers dejected

Protesters insisting that they're not affected
by this virus so they don't need to be subjected
to lockdown orders that they've disrespected

I get it, they need work to bring home the bread
But no belief in science? You can't work if you're dead!
And with Trump in charge, they're totally misled.

But they vote for Trump anyway, why? Go figure
The orangatang in charge is so full of manure.
He thinks what's important is that his button's bigger

Trump does not know what he's babbling about
But these fanatics they're all so blindly devout
The whole system's so fragile we can't see a way out.

At least John Krazinski's got Some Good News,
Lifting us weekly from our Covid blues.
He helps us forget the quarantined cruise.

We're actually all blessed. At least we're not dating!
Can you imagine how long these singles'll be waiting?

And brand new graduates with job prospects low
New moms giving birth, not sure if they know

what the world will be like and how they'll cope.
But with all this uncertainty, we need to have hope!

Nepalese can see Everest
Venetian canals, the cleanest

Earth's better, families tighter
Essential workers, the true fighters

Turns out trickle down theory does not cascade
to the ones we need, the very lowest paid

Then let's hope for equity amongst the whole population
And the choking out of plutocratic domination.
And definitely ax that Wuhan Asian discrimination.

In the end what keeps us going is what we believe
Coming out of this what do you hope to achieve?
Will you give, help others or just take and receive?
Dig your head in the sand or just constantly grieve?

What do you want to become on the other side of this thing?
Most people just take the path of least resisting
Continue your journey to be the best you can be
And when this is all over you'll be all ready.

This time allows us to enjoy the simplicities
Of life, real struggle and reshuffle priorities.
We have each other, food, health, home and our minds
Remember Corinthians peace, hope, love in these times.

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Our world


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