Last Week

Last week, it seems as though you were so long ago,

yet you also just happened. 

Last week, I miss your innocence, your ignorance, your joy.

I miss the hope you gave about plans for the future and optimism for us all,

but now we are left in the unknown, waiting for answers to come.

Last week, you gave no clue that so much was coming like a freight train

colliding into and trampling over anyone in the way.

You never would have thought life could turn upside down

so much so quickly.

Then, last week, you watched it happen.


Slowly, one day at a time, you were torn down,

plans ruined, hopes shattered, yet fears availed

until you became this week.

This week, I don't know how much you can continue to shake the world

in the days to come.

I hope you will allow things to get better, but I fear they only grow worse.

This week, you can give hope where it was lost,

provide where there is need, and shape the future still.

This week, change the face of tomorrow and reignite the hope

that it will be better than today.

Because I don't want to watch last week happen again.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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