The rainbow at the end of the storm

We must stop, dear child. It isn't safe for us here. We mustn't get too close, For it's the virus that we fear.   But mother, my friends, how I miss them so dear. I know about the conditions, I know they are severe.  But if only I get to say a "hello", and one that's sincere, I promise I will hold your hand, I promise I will not go near.   I suppose, dear child.  But only a "hello". Close to others we shall not go. This virus is spreading and so we musn't let it grow.   Hello, Sarah, and Dana, and Liz and Ron! Hello, Oliva, and Charlotte, and David and John! I know that we are standing apart,  But know, that you ALL have a place in my heart. And so while close to you, I cannot go, This is not goodbye, but more-so a "hello". So hello!   That was really nice, dear child. Just know, someday, the clouds will clear and the storm will fizzle out. Know that someday, the schools will open, and you can see your teachers and peers. And by then, the virus would have come to it's end. But until then, I encourage you to continue to say hello. Make sure that the time doesn't pass by so slow. If only the world could be filled with people like you. Perhaps then everyone would see the rainbow that lies at the end of a storm. Now, thanks to you, dear child, I see the rainbow. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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