American Doom

I watch as the trend curves upwards

And sickness plagues the earth

And the masks remain unworn

So the virus is given birth

To in a new community,

In a new city, a new county

As the orange-faced tyrant 

Hoists the American flag proudly

He claims he did not want to worry Americans

But I am worried

Worried for my immunocompromised parents

Worried for my risk of exposure when I run errands

Worried that people do not follow hard facts and science

Worried that people compare this to the flu, that is biased

Worried about the fact that compassion and decency are politicized

And that going to enormous parties with no masks is legitimized 

I am so worried that my anxiety creeps through my body

Shaking every nerve and crawling up my spine

Over a quarter of a million people have already died

And so I pray that the next body taken won’t be mine


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