The Future

These rhymes I spit

Remind me of times I cannot forget

When people are on the streets crying cause their families are home dying

And government lies and trials and tribulations we can not forgive

The people walking covering their smile to deny the sin

But I told you I cannot forget

I want to come home to a family I can hug

But I cant leave the house without my lungs breathing air thats poison

Poison that kills us from the inside out

Like a big dark cloud hovering over society

I want an education

So I can bring my family to a better place and a better time

But how am I supposed to learn if everyone around me denies

I want a family

A healthy place to raise my kids without having to worry about picking up a dollar of the street

But how can I raise a family in a world thats makes them sick

I want love

Someone to spend the rest of my life with til death do us part

But how am I supposed to love if everyone I hug could kill me

I want a future

Stay Inside

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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