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and without a look back, i jumped not knowing when i'd land  but with all hope knowing i'd be alright
The van rolled out of the driveway, down the road. There they go. I’m free now. My family in Chicago for the weekend  me at home so as not to miss my Saturday shift. I knew exactly what I was going to do
I was a little girl and I was afraid of walking barefoot—so I played just once in the sprinklers.  
Faint streaks of light seep between the cracksOnly to dissipate and fade Into the bleak water That etches every nook and every frayOf my run-down body Left defeated and in vain Darkness
My hair is something that resembles a gorilla, a caveman, or a clown. She is told she is ugly, to always "brush your hair!", despite it already being groomed. My hair is something like a maze.
Its warm In my bed Too warm to be awake I am awake Outside it’s almost light
Going down a road I've always known I feel it coming out of the blue. Crawling up my spine like a spider, My anxiety spins webs of fear Throughout my brain. Hands gripping the wheel tight
Fear brews in my heart, As it has from the start. I was born afraid, It’s how I was made.   I was born out of strife.
Live poetically. Don’t speak—words are for liars. Just live your truth. Be your you.   Live uncompromisingly. Don’t apologize—not if you meant it—and Mean it. Don’t dream it.
winter birds in the deep green forest animated by cold, her eyes stunning through the crowd "I love you." he was amazed, thrilled. herons, pelicans, cranes, thoughts.
I've been waitin' I've been prayin' I've been playin' the same old song for So long   All this livin' I've been missin' I've been listenin' to the same old song for So long  
Freedom of speech It’s a given right, but I never use it My opinions are never said My thoughts: never imagined I don’t want to be wrong or rejected
Fearing a transparent man-made tool of vanity A tool who hides nothing This tool shows you who you truly are Some may say that you are more than your reflection
Is it the shutter down one's spine when challenged? Is it a spook from a scary movie? Is it angst developed deep in the heart? Is the biggest question of all, can one overcome it?
Love 1 word 2 vowels 3 meanings  4 letters To write this word takes two seconds, To speak this word takes two centuries. Love, and to be loved is for those of the brave .
  Lying down on the stiff hospital bed, my mind is filling up with dread. My parents around me, their support combating the unease,
Imagine this, A 13 year girl walks down to get the mail Her head hanging low She looks through the letters and sees
Fear is difficult It comes in all shapes and sizes But to overcome fear is the most difficult part of being scared It takes power It takes time When realizing that without fear you may not be fine
Now some may ask how I battle fearWell let me tell you my story here:My past filled up with many sorrowsI had no hope for future tomorrows.My birth parents didn't care for meAnd that made me feel so unworthy
Last time we met you sat across from me, teeth bared, eyes wide, a complete threat, Now flashbacks cloud my mind and i want to be free.   My heart races and fear claws at my throat,
Three deep breaths and a whisper in the dark with the whirl of the wind and my throat in my heart   change is near through the dusk and the dawn with fear in my ears oh change is here
Fear is: Waking up Breathing Going outside Speaking Being silent Waiting  
When I see xy+5 = y I see college algebra I know it's easy But my head spins round and round I feel like I'll pass out and probably die   From graphs to quadratics 
I Fear I Have Failed When nothing seemed to go as planned, When I was ripped at the seams of my organized mind, Time dragged on longer than it spanned.
Be iron-willed. Be heroic. Be optimistic. Be considerant, Be passionate, Be honest  Be wise, Be impartial, Be absolute, Be everything that is  iron-willed and heroic and optimistic
I like to think that our biggest insecurities are the ones that our bodies accept,
Fear, as I’ve found, isn’t worth a damn.     Fear is low sometimes, like on Scuffed elbow Saturdays when
How did you overcome one of your fears, and what did you learn from the experience?
I met her when I was ten She was the stranger at my door. The dog barking at me from across the street. The tree branch knocking on my window in the dark.
I know that friends come and go But why you left, I’ll never know I do not know how I became so attached To someone who could leave my heart in half  
The last few months I thought about it, dreamed about it. Every pro and con, every senario; I was so close, so close to doing it.
A thousand words I only needed a thousand   One thousand   Ten hundreds   Ten steps Ten steps Ten steps   The top looks below They all smile
Hands get sweaty  Breath gets short My stomach turns Feeling paralyzed I find a way to walk Facing fear I stand tall Looking out, faces disappear All alone  All that matters is that I am here
Sixty faces in the crowd, most I’ve never met To hear my personal story, I broke out in a cold sweat. My hands quaked, my legs shook As across the crowded room I threw a look.
10 years old is for cars  for tire swings, spelling bees, and candybars  10 years old is not for hospital lobbies not for scans of imperfect bodies  you’re different, but that’s fine, they said
Adapt to surroundings overcome your fear no matter the fear the only thing to fear is fear itself fear is natural overcoming sepaerates you from average overcome you fear
You cannot see What is unseen. You cannot feel What is not felt.   The lines between Do not fall to observe. The truth is there It is just unheard.   Your eye can tell
Fear, anxiety, speech. Nothing can be said to someone without words, seems easy for those who speak and love to. But those of us are not always as lucky with your ability to speak.Speak our ideas, our dreams, and our hopes.
1. Six years old, descending the shadow stair. My nemesis, Wall-Giantess, opens a glossy spider-eye to challenge mine. It is unmoving, ringed with eight thick crouching lashes. Before its gaze I flinch, flee
What do I do? It's the step we call 'adulthood' How do I do it?  When you can't ask mom or dad Why can't I do it? When you live on your own When can I do it?  The sense of lonliness
I wanted to see you every day every night If only our worlds would crash and collide From a distance a single speck in the sky So far away and it never felt right   Always the twinkle of a far galaxy Heart ever searching for a spark endlessly Year
There are some days when sometimes is too often.  Where the tethers of my mind restrain me from ever making progress.  Where I feel trapped in my own mental illness. 
I stumble through the dark On a trail unmarked The rain pounds But I hear no sound Droplets drown me No one’s found me To save me from this fate   Rain soaks through the soul
  drowning, help me, I’m drowning   the salt laps at the seams of my skin the biting wind, my stinging cheeks my body submerged confined to a world free from the weight of gravity
even on an island, surrounded by the sea your presence haunts my waking mind there is no place to flee   You scrabble down my neck, clawing at my heart-strings my compass is decieved by lies
Before I could remember I was on the floor  running around the big arena was a magnificent and beautiful creature  each step it took sent fear running through my veins  I was 6, how was I supposed to know not to let go 
Run away from fear.             Face fear head on.   Fear is like the ocean. It is huge and charging and all-consuming. It will swallow you whole and spit you out completely different.
My life is filled with so much death The saddening sight of vultures is always in the sky They circle and circle until one day I am taken away myself,  
Catcalling   “Slow down ma, Nice legs.” Who are you calling “ma”? Me? Up the block?
I am terrified of heights. Not sure how it started, But whenever I reach A certain threshold, I see myself tumbling over the edge
She called me again, she always will Some girls I know went through it And the fear of it makes me ill   I was up with her for a while ‘til
Life is long and hard sadness exists in all souls But we must go on
One, three, five, seven. Tuck, flip, twisting full. Jump, split, go girl, pull. Stunt, build, flying high. Dance, groove, moving by. One, three, five, seven. Shout, cheer, wearing pink.
Pain. The dreaded ache in my lungs that would climb up my throat and make my lips throb, This is what I feared. Every single day I thought I was beating it, but by diluting the talent I knew that I had.
Someone once asked me “What do you hear that makes you fight every day? What does that sound like?”
For Every Agonizing Reason, Failure Effectively Attacks, Rebuttalling  FEAR into my consciousness.   Falling Endlessly Altering Ruinous FEAR within myself.   I escape.     
There's a way to do things And I've never known how Expectations I can't always meet, But I'll never let you down. What do they want from me? What do they know? Are they watching how I walk?
I see your eyes, staring into mine. You see my fear,  Afraid that yours will close and not open again. The fringe between life and death is so trivial. One day you are fine and then the next
There is nothing more that I fear than a burning bridge.   The flames do not scare me, only the gaping abyss.   What I always fail to see
The beauty of nature.  The colors, the smells, the sounds.  Animals rustling through the woods. Birds chirping in the trees.  The crunching of your feet against the leaves. 
A prod and no ripple. Funny how mirrors work to reflect like water, but reject and cripple me,  just as my mind has time and time again.   It was me all along, the jarring torment,
in the face of new beginnings, i often divert my gaze. i can’t bear to look it in the eyes for fear of what i might see staring back. will it be pain? more pain than i’ve felt for the past three hundred and sixty five days?
I’m so afraid Of what happens in my Head As I lay there in the silence of my Very own bed   I’m afraid of the things
I will write About you in my pages Of the honey and the stings of infidelity and lust. Until you  No longer leave thorns upon my velvet tongue. These words I pour: not praise of your raindrop wings
Facing the monsters has made me stronger at the very moment I thought i couldn't take the stress any longer As time would fly My courage would die Friends had come and gone It would never last long
“Always do what you are afraid to do." Emerson quips, simplifying The bigger problem.   How do I do that?   “Feel the Fear and do it anyway”
I am afraid You don’t know it from the outside I am afraid Yet 16 years of challenge taught me to bury my emotions I am afraid
What is the point of this forsaken life Consumed by darkness, I now see no light I feel no meaning should I grab the knife?These feelings of no value I must fight
Do you hear that ringing? Like swarms of bees trapped within my head,
 A cocoon,wrapped in armor Push Yourself,smash through Be a butterfly,butterfly you better fly.   Out of your cocoon, be you
Alone is Temporary Close the door and turn off the lights Let the room fill with earth-shattering silence  Alone at last The isolation fills my body  It rushes through my blood 
I was told that i should follow the rules I was told that i should play the game I was told that i could sharpen my tools I was told you and i are the same
I was told that i should follow the rules I was told that i should play the game I was told that i could sharpen my tools I was told you and i are the same
the itch at my ear the soft thrum, the familiar tone it's the voice faded from memory the cooing lost from dreams when nights were still sweet the hushed comforts lulling a child into oblivious sleep
Black as night  is what i fright alone in the shadows  i lay, praying to god  that ill see day spirits all around  im trying not to make a sound. my imagination running wild 
Black as night  is what i fright alone in the shadows  i lay, praying to god  that ill see day spirits all around  im trying not to make a sound. my imagination running wild 
My fluttery chest dances, with a want to create The winter crispness hits my bare skin, my hair erect Thoughts fly like horses, of which has began running a race
Strength is all part of a mindset. “You’ve got to learn to get a grip.” (Now you will accept to watch yourself fall.) Scream the words from your thoughts to your lip.  
Fear,  When I climb outside myself I can see it is simple so truly simple. the dark sky painted behind it laughs, or am I mistaken, so painfully human as to drag it down with me. I shiver, for it is cold 
I am Nigerian My birth certificate does not matter to them My Yoruba title does not matter to them Watching Nollywood movies does not matter to them Singing and dancing to Afrobeat music does not matter to them
I met you for the first time in the parking lot off Main St. You were there every day, Or perhaps it was someone who looked like you. I hated the sight of you. You see, back then I was a mere lad.
I stand on the threshold of Adventure. I have written him love letters, Tear-stained, open-hearted, hope letters, But as I hold hands with the unknown   I realize   That I am afraid.  
The hardest thing you can do Is to see yourself Trying to be someone else And you can never be that person Because that person isn’t you
10 months of non-stop self-hatred of my body 10 months of shoving a finger down my throat, just to have this illusion of me having control Over my body weight Constantly being aware of the calories going into my mouth
Life is like a story In that it has challenges It has highs, it has lows, But one thing life shouldn’t have, Is an ending
Do you know how frustrating it is, To be criss-crossed, Overturned, Outnumbered, By men who don’t see my worth?
My heart beats faster than my mind  Which is running somewhere else other than here It escapes to my home in West Virginia which is a thousand mile away from here  
The Stage is empty, Except for me. They are whispering Louder and Louder. I can hear them, easily. "She is nervous..." The old lady in the front remarks My hands start to shake.  
It's ok   I'm alright   Just breathe   Out for 3   In for 3   I'm fine   I'm not alone
Sweat dripping legs shaking eyes unfocused words stuttered   Eyes piercing attention on me judging glares laughing scare   That was what I seen
I can’t tell if I’m really trying anymore I feel like every inch of my brain is just sore Or maybe it’s my heart that lacks motivation He just seems to be there in every situation
Society paints consent as a given Something everyone knows. But it took me years to figure out what it means And even now I feel lost.   I let you touch me.
When the rain comes We’re taught to run inside.   Hide for your life, and stay dry. We build up our wals Wide and tall
I always thought I was beautiful But this process breaks the body There’s another life inside my own A life that calls my body home I’ve searched for hours and still I roam Looking around for answers
Seasons change and the time flows The clock never stops and time is everlasting But the thing is it never seems like there is enough of it
I ignored it.  I snapped it shut in the spines of swollen notebooks, I tried to smother it under gas pedals, I flung it down the stairs hoping it’d break it’s neck.  
words. they’re a funny little bunch of sounds, hums, grumbles, and exhales. we’ve assigned meaning to these haphazardly composed groups of 26 letters. they’re full of connotations,
Old habits die hard, Robert Frost and dying stars, Those are the things that made me.   Cherry blossoms now in bloom begin wilting on the stem.
As life moves on, and new journeys await. There is nothing like new freindships that can help you escape. Escape from chaos, temptation, and deceitful lies. In a world full of different sunrises.
A blank canvas stares at me. At a blank canvas I stare. Create something new it dares. But why am I so scared? A nagging voice inside,
Sometimes I feel like I'm at the center of the universe. Everything revolves around me. Or some days, Like everything is coming down on me.
A fear of commitment has shadowed me for many years. Not necessarily a fear of making commitments, but a fear of my own ability to follow through on them. 
let’s look at this year. let’s stare into the darkness, festering in the beginning where hope ought to lay. let’s search for a reason
Reaching high. I fear a misstep. A fall. Hands clenched I top out and smile.
I've never written a poem before. My fear of speaking brought my knees to the floor.  But I went to the city to teach people of truth. Which I learned was hard without movement of tooth.
Silent. Afraid. Alone. . . I sit in the corner And see people from afar. Laughing. Talking. Having a good time.   I wonder, why me? Why am I so quiet. . . So shy?
"The moment has arrived. The day I've always imagined is here. I spent nights without sleeping for this. This is all you've ever wanted, but you are scared. It's now or never", I would say to myself.
Against the wind, I took a walk Past crashing waves and empty docks Blue depths rose up in forceful swells To break on concrete slabs and rocks   Against the sand, the water fell
I stand on the starting block. My whole body seems to lock. I watch the water as I wait for the whistle that means to get ready for what I find unblissful. My goggles are ready and my cap is on tight
I never wrote down how I felt. In the moments it was blissful, but also time consuming. I tried,
The world is cold. Cold like the air that sets your hands shaking your jaw clenching your heart racing. Cold like the pain in your brain after too much ice cream when it hits a tooth just wrong.
My constant fight Is a battle with myself I think most people fear Something that could happen to them What I fear Some days is myself   I stand in front of the mirror
fears spread far and wide personal fears are ones we cannot hide   my fear was relationships  
fear Yeah, I’m afraid of everything Especially myself. I could make a fool of me Without anybody’s help. I do it all on my own,
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