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Where morning dawns O'hear the Songs of Joy! We crown the year with beauty As we hear the Voice of Angels We ask and are given We seek and we find We have according to the Grace given us
    Dear 2017, I think I've lost the script. I just had it Revised and re-revised. Everyone wanted a say. So, what happened? Now, a storm's blown in Flipped the set over
Dear P,
A mother's milky skin never keeps you awake for long My mother is cold, so I am always satisfied by a goosebumps embrace, a quiet good night My mother has tightly curled hair, it smells like apricots and long nights
In Heaven   Querida Abuelita There isn’t much time For me to sum up The events of my life  
Because I Love You, we are not perfect and that’s just perfect Dirty, mortal menaces we are Constantly staining our white cloths,
You deserve someone who looks at you and sees his entire world You deserve someone who looks at your flaws and rough edges and still loves you anyway
It is not a blizzard-y blizzard,It is a fiery fire.A love that lasts forever,Is a love that burns with desire. That is what I heard--But I have yet to seeWhat love truly doesTo you and me 
He bares his own arms to the cold and wraps his coat around her shoulders as they sit on the bleachers. Why did you do it? His eyes rake the crowd for notice.
He’s a good guy with his head on his shoulders His eyes are open while his heart is ingrained inside I’ve seen his heart during emotional highs He gripped me strong and hard Let his insecurities surface and fade
I am content, I am fulfilled, I don't expect, I appreciate, I see you. The soul that resides inside, not the facade.  I am vulnerable,  I am nothing but everything, I am.
The Earthly Angel The dying blue planet, his home, without True Pink Had not one to love him, not one to form a link.  
A pinwheel. A simple toy, Requires strength to keep spinning.   Let’s be a pinwheel. Let’s continue to move along. Let’s go through it.   Come, forget about our past.
I love you because you are human. You make mistakes, You get frustrated But you are also passionate and loving You like mysteries and cartoons
I wait for you Whether you're getting ready for an hour Or you're not ready to say it back Because I love you. I buy you flowers And I let you win at Monopoly I show you it with more than just my words
There is love in an ordinary day We learn from each other We argue and disagree But we find common ground Watching TV He flicks my earring Repeatedly I turn to him and demand him to stop
You want me to go far, aim for where I cannot see To see me happy with who I am and the direction I am headed You understand what I contribute to this world while I cannot
Love is what gives you protection and care In a healthy relationship, you wouldn’t have to be scared You feel a smile when both can connect Not sadness, anger, or thoughts of neglect
I can protect you from the world. Nothing is worthy of your presence; you are an angel among men.   I can take all of your pain. You are perfect.
A new branch has formed on my family tree... Because I love you.   You show me compassion even when we are upset... Because you love me.  
Because I love you, I will trust you I will make time for you I will let you pick the music
Glance up meet your eyes a sea of blue I wish to dive into   Open your mouth speaking to me your voice is a song I wish to hear   Your laugh- not graceful
There are some peopleWho do not believe in loveBecause the ones they lovedHave made them hate it.Because "I love you"Means somethingVery, very different to them.
I stayed. Because I loved him. I let him beat my brain and tear me apart. I took my dark marks, and made them into art. until one day, I finally ran away. Because I loved him. It was for the best.
Because I love you, I hear your cries  And I use myself to dry your eyes Because I love you, I make you laugh Circumspectly leading you down the most joyous path  Because I love you, I let you sing 
It's not that, Cuyler, it's that   Being here with you is torture, but I push on Even when you make fun of me Causing my face to turn bright red And I wish I could say something, but I can't
I love you almost enough. I changed my thoughts,  you changed my actions. You kept on growing,  but I lost my traction. You say you love me,  but only almost enough
I Love to hear your voice I Love your laughter, and your songs I Love to see your happiness And I Love that you are strong   I Love that you love music
You’re my favorite work of art You’re my favorite melody You’re my favorite smell And taste And touch You mean the world to me   I promised not to hurt you Like others had before
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