Together and Equal

Sun, 11/05/2017 - 21:53 -- rapilc


United States

I love you because you are human.

You make mistakes,

You get frustrated

But you are also passionate and loving

You like mysteries and cartoons

You aren’t afraid to be childish

I love you because, even when you are upset

You still talk to me

And ask about my day

And tell me you love me too


We are drawn to each other

Because of our shortcomings

Our mutual fear and anger against the world

Bind us even tighter

But sometimes it’s hard to remember

That we deserve to be happy

Sometimes we forget

That we need to hold each other up

Instead of drag each other down


I thought for most of my life

That I was alone

That no one would ever connect with me

But you taught me that wasn’t true

And you also taught me

That sometimes you feel the same way

That we are all floating alone

And sometimes all we can do

Is grab tight to the closest person’s hand


Because I love you

I trust you to see me at my worst

And still hold me close

To be your own person

And to let me be myself

In turn, I will hold you

During your dark, sleepless nights

Because I know you are human

And so am I.


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