The Passion

He’s a good guy with his head on his shoulders

His eyes are open while his heart is ingrained inside

I’ve seen his heart during emotional highs

He gripped me strong and hard

Let his insecurities surface and fade

In the dim room on the bed


He still finds me attractive with the hickey on my neck

And the fleeting happiness in my eyes

He makes me see rose colors

When I’m used to plain beige walls


I find courage when my hand locks in his

An unflinching warmth with passion

That’ll stand tall among a crowd of judgers and fakers

He trusts me with his life

And I pledge to Strong the hurricane with him


We’re blackbirds with codependence

I leech off his endless motivation

He lives for my relentless exhibitions

My thoughts are stark provocative

He’s obsessed with the evocative


We’re blackbirds of the south

Looking towards lands with doves

We’re no good here

Casualties of war here

Who won’t lie of love


God forbid if they find out

Save my soul if everyone did

There will be blood if they know

I’ll put down my life to save your own

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