You Compliment But You Don't Complete Me

I am content,

I am fulfilled,

I don't expect,

I appreciate,

I see you. The soul that resides inside, not the facade. 

I am vulnerable, 

I am nothing but everything,

I am.

I mutually coexist, not fight or twist,

I hold steady in this ocean of emotion as the waves of deep blue infinity hit my heart harder than anything I've ever felt before.

My heart does not drown. It voyages.

I break,

I touch,

I hold,

I feel my hand hold another hand, but it is not confined to its skin. 

It is an inferno. It has the power to rip through my insides with the heat of a thousand suns. 

But it chooses to wrap around my cold fingers with the rays of a gentle sunrise instead. 

I sense,

I perceive,

I know,

Our souls only wish for more time because they know how precious and fleeting a golden moment can be,

One breathes, "wow," while the other one whispers, "holy shit,"

The heart, the hand, and the soul cherishes, 

They understand that they will never be able to completely treasure each other,

But they will try.

I accept,

I respect,









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