Me First

He bares his own arms to the cold

and wraps his coat around her shoulders

as they sit on the bleachers.

Why did you do it?

His eyes rake the crowd for notice.


Because I love you, he says.


He hands his daughter

a check, all his long,

long hours in paper form.

Why did you do it?

He places a law school

application in her hands.


Because I love you, he says.


She opens the door to his place,

wearing his favorite lace

beneath her coat.

Why did you do it?

She will ask him to fix her car.


Because I love you, she says.



She steps in front of her classmates

as the gunman points.

The police are on their way,

they just need more time.

Shoot me first, she says.

Why did you do it?






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Our world
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