'family' love poetry

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He patrols every night in complete stealth, Checking the perimeter before settling in. There were many concerns, least of all his health.
I am from the light blue house on Dakar Road West, Where the smell of fall candles filled the air all year ‘round. I am from whoopie pies and puppy chow.
My eyes feel heavy Whenever you kiss my eyelids And say "goodnight" It helps me rest but on my worst days, I jump from the highest places only to see  That you always find a way to say 
Dear Little Sister,   When you kick the covers off your bed Onto mine, When you whisper my name Shrilly to wake me up in the morning,
I moved to Utah without really knowing a soul The only two people I knew were my grandpa and grandma and man they are old One day I met Glory and learned her life story She's my 39 old cousin and she was so kind
Because I love you… I will call you every chance I get. I will never forget about the times we have together. I will be by your bedside when you get sick. You’re the last thing I would want to lose.
There once was a boy that lived in a shack, in a room that was cold and dark in the back. Having no toys, television, not even a ball, the boy had nothing at all. But the one person that kept him afloat,
We know how this story goes, my friends- The Witch, the tower, the Prince in the end- Sometimes, a Dragon (just for a twist) Perched tippity top, which is shrouded in mist-
Walking in the door, his little feet patter. He runs across the hallway, screaming your name. You stretch out your arms, and he jumps in. Baby oil, his mother's purfume, and a hint of lemon--
Tribulation is finite   Seing my loved ones In good spirits Full of light   My little brothers Full of time In all their innocence In their prime   Makes malevolence 
  Es un trabajo de pura dedication, del cuerpo, para la tierra que ya no te pertenece. Y para estar mas seguro,
I cannot change the course of another life For they might be gone in a blink of an eye And when you are, my heart is pierced with knives All I could do is plead to the sky, why?
I am gone now, Yet, still a big sister too. There's something wrong with tears. The people I love now fading out. I can't teel a single one how I felt. Oh please don't-
Excuse me, as I  bring something different to the table .. Talking about this emotion that sometimes has no label, It affects everyone in this room in different stages , ages , phases ..It’s strong as a candle light , ignited in the middle of the
You tell me to live. You tell me to breathe, you tell me to think, you think I'm alive. But every night, you come home, and you’re tired. You’re tired and weak, as if they’ve taken your soul.
Family is special. My parents love me so dear. I couldn't live without family. They need to be near.   I love my grandma's cooking, And a good Sunday family meal. I love my cousins and aunts,
Perfect is something no one thinks they are. Perfect is a term no one can give a good definition to. I have a definition for it. It's not you, it's not me. To me, perfect is how it smells before it rains.
If I was to put into words The most necessary thing in my life I would be doing her an INJUSTICE   She is more than just a thing She is more than a common annoyance
She gives me warmth She makes me laugh She gives me hugs She makes me smile SHE is the love of my life
What would you do when you are faced with life or death? The first thing you need to do is take a breath. I would quickly pray for my family in time of need For they come to my guidance in quick speed.
Your smile is so radiant it brings happiness to the blind And when you turn around, mmm i love that behind Your frequent change in hair has me on my feet Your fashion is so creative no one can defeat
Grandmother tell me a story not that repetitive one but the other one the one about you and me how you first looked at me how you first held me
Faith, love, music, happiness You share these things with the best They don't care how you look or how you dress They don't ever make you feel any less Who are your real friends, this a test 
Sweet sweet child  Is a child so merry In the pools of your eyes I can see my reflection   Flowers bloom in the darkness A light was now born The heart that was broken
Him and I together forever, Trying to make in the world, Never knowing what is next. Makes the journey that much harder. He helps me grow day by day. He makes me smile in my darkest hour.
He has little fingers, and brown eyes that look like mine. He's made me a better human since the day he first smiled. He's got me wrapped around his finger, and he knows it very well.
A hand to hold, a hug to be given, I need comfort. Motivation and praise; spirits are lifted, I need affection. Scolding and opinions; thoughts are spoken, I need criticism.
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