This Emotion

Excuse me, as I  bring something different to the table .. Talking about this emotion that sometimes has no label, It affects everyone in this room in different stages , ages , phases ..It’s strong as a candle light , ignited in the middle of the night , seeping through the depths of your soul , comforting you when the stress of this life begins to take a toll,A sweet kiss from your mother when she lays you down to sleep , This emotion isn't an easy one to express , it’s too deep, too steep for some to believe in .. too good to be true , do you feel what I'm speaking ? it's the visual expression of your soul’s vibrations to one another that feels like no other… It can be simple as a child’s feeling toward their mother as she hugs them tight ,Or a father telling his babygirl that it's gonna be alright,Something as silly as picking out your favorite color dress, Just to impress, nothing more nothing less,It's that emotion that you feel when you look into the mirror,and accept your flaws,Scars and all,When your spirit evolves and you feel that burden escape from you ,And you are free,It’s that type of emotion that makes me think about you , wondering do you think about me ,How you feel about me , do you dream about me ? Or , it's the emotion that's you get when look into their eyes and there's that instant connection, instant affection,Comes as lessons and blessings,It makes you restless and selfish , jealous and feel helpless all at the same time,It's something that takes years to find,It's that twist of fate that gives you hope,Where the universe aligns and keeps you afloat,Or that light that peaks through your loneliest dayAnd seems to guide you the right way,But this emotion has reached its peak a long time ago,When one man came to save the souls that are lost And he took his arms and spread across that cross ,Releasing us from the condemnation that the enemy places us in,That dark room of fear that he has overcome, Saving us all ..He revealed the ultimate peak of this emotion,As the enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy ,He protects us and gives us grace and helps us flee from the enemy,All because of his never dying expression of this emotion,It’s a verb, a noun, a thing,  a person,It can hurt so bad, but feel so good ,It's taken for granted and so misunderstood,It's the emotion that can be so simple, yet so complex Look around and love eachother, Even if it's temporary don't be deceived by time,don't guard up and block your mind That sweet smile that brightens your day,Or how you miss them when they're away,The parental love that makes you wanna pull your hair out and cry,But you know that without it, you will never make it byThat spiritual spark that ignited when you remember who gifted you with this emotion,Whether it is from your brother, father, sister or lover … It's love. The emotion that affects you like no other ..Even when you close your eyes tonight, you will still feel it,There is no end …And you'll know when you've found it as soon as it begins. 

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