To My Baby Brother: The First Love of My Life

He has little fingers, and brown eyes that look like mine.

He's made me a better human since the day he first smiled.

He's got me wrapped around his finger, and he knows it very well.

And I'm not even his mother, but by our looks, you can't tell.

I've attended every game, because I'm his biggest fan,

and when my heart is broken, I know he'll hold my hand.

For the past seven years, he's been by my side,

and everytime I think about leaving for college, my heart breaks & I cry.

Not because I'm worried about him, my little man is strong,

but because I'll have to watch him grown through the screen of my phone.

So if anyone were to ask me one thing I couldn't live without,

I would answer my baby brother, in two seconds flat, no doubt!

Boo-boo if you're reading this please know, I'll be okay...someday,

and that I love you to the moon and back,

From Your Sister,



This poem is about: 
My family


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