The boy and his mom

There once was a boy that lived in a shack,

in a room that was cold and dark in the back.

Having no toys, television, not even a ball,

the boy had nothing at all.

But the one person that kept him afloat,

was his mother, so loving, so caring, even like a friend.

She cared for the boy for all his life,

never once getting angry or showing any strife.

The boy loved his mother he needed nothing else,

then one day when she left on an errand he found something on the shelf.

It was a picture of the two one sunny day that he remembered fondly,

back when he was only 4 and things were a bit more kindly.

He decided to make something for his mother,

something that would reflect their time with each other.

With some wood and leaves he found outside,

he made a small house with two bugs on the inside.

The bugs represented them he thought,

quite resourceful for someone who was still a tot.

He waited and waited for his mother to return,

but as the hours went by he started to worry.

"She doesn't take this long" he thought,

the boy knew something was wrong.

The night had come and his mom still hadn't arrived,

the thought of her not coming back made him cry.

He started to worry that he'd be left forever alone,

then he heard a familiar voice that said "I'm home".

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My family
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