Okay .

My eyes feel heavy

Whenever you kiss my eyelids

And say "goodnight"

It helps me rest but on my worst days,

I jump from the highest places only to see 

That you always find a way to say 

"It's going to be okay."

Like a parachute 

Assuring the safety of its user



Most nights 

I see your eyelids fighting eachother for 1st place

The first one to cry looses.

The last one to cry win.


So I feel useless

I tell you this.

I can only watch these things happen

Only see your struggles dry

On walls as if in a museum for everyone to see

But for only some to understand.


But again

You smile your purple-hearted tears caressing your cheeks,

Leaving behind beautiful imprints 

Assuring the finish line sign

"We will get through it."



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