Call to My Parents

You tell me to live.

You tell me to breathe, you tell me to think, you think I'm alive.

But every night, you come home, and you’re tired.

You’re tired and weak, as if they’ve taken your soul.

Do I have you, my mother?


You tell me to be happy.

You tell me to smile, forgive others, and look at the other side of the situation.

But every day, you’re all alone, and you feel useless.

You’re hungry and lonely, as if they’ve taken your soul.

Do I have you, my father?


You have taught me well from the start, but I never retained such information.

I always took things for granted –

                                                   Playtime, Joke time, Free time, Family time

Not every family can have such a bond

No one can simply be called “family”

You made me who I am today, now it’s my turn to give back


Just wait, wait after my selfish ways I will show you that I’ve lived, and that I’ve become happy

Because without you, my world is nothing


This poem is about: 
My family


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