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From the second my body awakens From the second my body begins to feel the cold dark of night, it whispers to my soul It is a summoning whisper, imploring me to arise and enjoy the benefits that stem from its presence   
Absence.  Who knew a thought alone could trigger deep breaths, a pounding chest, a rapid heart rate? Imagining a life without my mother is like trying to  Comprehend that the universe is expanding and yet it has no edge. 
All I need is love. When the world is crashing down around me, When I feel I can't step forward, Your touch and your words help me go on.   All I need is love.
Just as there can be no light without darkness and no joy without pain, A life without death would be a world drowned in vain.   For though death is painful and too hard to swallow,
DREAMS DREAMS  DREAMS Is all that I hear myself Scream If I never had them I would never believe in something that is beyond me
All I need is Love Love is all I need Said some man Long ago I think he’s right And wrong   All I need is Love
Mommy always taught me that my dreams are all I needed to push me through. When I was in middle school and I experienced extreme low self-esteem, Mommy said to me my dreams are all I needed to push me through. 
If the world turned to turn ash. I would not want to live alone.   If the world were to turn into ash I would rather turn to stone.  
I want to see, Pry her open wide, See and watch memories, Cry with her, not for her, Look at her with genuine understanding, Please, let me?   I want to touch her,
If I found myself one day Stranded on an island alone I would bring nothing but maybe two things from home.   A television and netflix password are key to releif from the bore of an island
What is the one thing that's vital That's necessary for my survival It makes me feel a sensation That can go without explanation Yet the sounds they make Feels like a message from fate
I guess it's time to find something important. More important than the way that you made me feel. A significant item that won't cause me tears. Perhaps it can be a technical device because it'd stay with me for years.
We all see this light The light of color the light that beats shadows We all see this light  The only light that can help save lives Through thick and thin Whether a cloudy day is a sad day
If I could choose one singular thing To draw back the loneliness, boredom, and pain Of living away from all I know On a deserted island so far from home,  
for all the night drives and moonlit stares we shared. those songs we listened to together are hard to listen to alone. we listened to them so loud that the music's vibrations,
Oh, not another Sappy poem about a mother, How original, I bet you're going to tell me You don't know what you'd do without her, She's smart, you never doubt her, And she does so much for you,
I would become mad if I were to listen to the blandness of an empty island and the white noises of nothing on my own solitude.  Hand me my earplugs, for the sounds of the shores have unsatisfied me.  I cannot relate to the harmony of the moon and
Dairy is like my magical fairy. even though the affect it has on my stomach, can be a bit scary. It makes me feel all fuzzy, like I'm the Energizer Bunny! I can't live without my milkshakes,
Years and years of searching For who I am and who I want to be. Traveling, relationships, friendships Each molding and shaping what is now me Here I am back where I started
Its the flow and the beat  that tune that gets stuck  lost in the words no longer able to think  just to listen      
I can't live without you, Not for a day, minute, or second. I always have to fight through, When I'm not with you.   You're my boyfriend,  my life, my world, my soul.
Regardless of how bleak my dreams may be,or how far the clouds stretch through the skyYour golden rays are there to greet me,and bring a sparkle to my
What could I not live without?Well that would be my faith,no doubt!When times get tough I stop and pray,He will listen and make me gay. Me and my daddy had a special bond,We spent most of our days fishing at the pond.Then he started leaving me to
What could I not live without?Well that would be my faith,no doubt!When times get tough I stop and pray,He will listen and make me gay. Me and my daddy had a special bond,We spent most of our days fishing at the pond.Then he started leaving me to
What could I not live without?Well that would be my faith,no doubt!When times get tough I stop and pray,He will listen and make me gay. Me and my daddy had a special bond,We spent most of our days fishing at the pond.Then he started leaving me to
It would be tedious to depict my love For jazz, my soul’s melody. It is my belief that jazz is from above Created by the gods; pure ecstasy.   Often times I receive confused looks
At sixteen I knew and at seventeen I fell.   You and I will howl to the moon for every night to come. Pups will weave
How do I describe how I feel? In what way do I articulate the loss in my heart? What will it take for you to understand my smiles project sadness and my laughter cries pain?  
Reflections in the mirror come and go like the perfect kiss under the mistletoe. Different scenarios replay in my head of every evil, hurtful thing ever said. The pain i have felt
All I need is the loss of greed All I want is your glorious font All you need is a loving deed All you want is the loss of taughnt so you see, All we need and all we want
All I need is the reason I can smile When I fail so miserably. All I need is the source of When I laugh so awkwardly.   People learn over time So their tasks become a bore.
I can't live without one purpose A purpose that beats my heart  Like a shell protecting a tortoise  This purpose pushes me in a cart filled with PROSPERITY. It wheels my whole life into perspective 
Living on this land is disastrous All alone,  I wonder this island feeling lost  I am greatful for one thing You can't see it  Nor touch it  But you know it's there 
Sideways Hope. Slanted and crooked Hope.  Hope with its broken teeth And dirty fingernails. "You're a fighter", it says and Yes, there is always a fight. But Hope never fights back.
He surrounded her like the ocean She wanted no air, and no land At first she tested the waters out of curiosity Now she dives into the deep end, giving no thought The water was like a riptide
The blue sun remained at rest over the horizon, as i watched with gruesome unease. The man with a rope collar jumped off a ledge, A woman with scars on her wrists cried,  A man who felt guilt overdosed on a pill,
Why endanger what I love? Why torture what I love? If you love something, set it free. If you love something, let it be. Do not drag Blanky through the mud, Do not stain Blanky with your blood.
For those who don't own a home-As bland as it is to sayImagine the pain, the dismayof not being able to curl up in one's abode People say all roads lead to RomeSo despite all the bills to payand the damage, come what may,I can't live without a hom
On a desert island or a crowded city street The cold in my heart, the ache in my feet One among many or a single body all alone The inability to change the tone Couldn't matter less if I have in my heart
Adversity. Hardship. Strategy. The push I need. The idea that drives my reaction. Ability. Capacity. Perception. My capability to overcome. My unique perspective. Ambition. Devotion. Power.
Hurridly turning the cornerI saw his thin figure in the shadows. He was old and bentwith thining hair, a beard,and holding a white cane with a red tip. Something about him made me stop and stare. 
I was adopted at the age of three For being so brave Mom bought me a dog Named Mary   Mary’s job was to keep me From feeling alone
I try, thats what I do. My fear of failure pushes me to always go above and beyond. The need to be satisfied with myself comes forward like tsunami. And then my mouth shoots open, challenging others, challenging myself to the ridicoulous.
My life lies in music, in rhythm and sound in music and theater, my passion I found my shyness faded from my face and I welcomed the stage's comforting embrace and curtsied during the applause  
Salt fills the air, sand covers the ground The crashing waves are the only sound I am alone, but I have no fear It’s the present moment I shall hold dear   All pain and joy from the past years
To touch but not feel. To be hurt but not feel. Keep going. No feeling. Not showing,  Not reacting, Not Feeling... Anything.
As humans we take for granted  so many things. And it is times like these that make me stop and think-   What can I not live without? What is the one thing that undoubtedly holds me,
What would I need? If on an island I was stuck Lots I would think But then an idea struck   If I’m on an island Am I alone? Or are there others Whose ships off course were blown?  
During the first day of College in my Molecular Biology lab, The teacher made us each pick up a tab. As he had planned an ice breaker with the intention of getting to know everyone.
You may ask me what I need, and I could say food. I could say the neccesities. I could even say the love of my life, but I will not. The thing that means the most to me, the thing I could not bare to see go,
Some may say "Oh, she just really like music." Others "She's not that talkative." But really, I need the musical notes. When I forget those noise-bloking wires, my mind takes over.
I liked you 
Give me money or give me jewels but I won't be happy without you   My whole life depends on you you are my life raft without you I can't even beathe   So when will you see?
They line up They follow They stand They sit The correct way to go They will never miss They wait Backs held straight Because behind that gate Their beloved Leader awaits
All I need is hope,Hope brings light,Hope brings happiness,Hope drives me to survive,Hope for a better future,Hope for a better life,Hope is like the sun giving life and warmth,It is somthing i can't live with out,Without hope life is meaningless,
A pen is a piece of art in itself With the flick of a wrist You can create a creature She could be lovely Or she could be a grotesque figure But she'll be beautiful Because you made her
A question frequently asked. A thought I've often pondered. Always blank, always dark, ever vague. My answer was never decided, Not until I met him. A flowery romance I always detested,
All I need are books with stories. Stories that make me think, Stories that make me sad, Stories that make me laugh, Stores that make me mad, Stories that make me forget.
Him He is all I need If it was not for He Where would I be? He is all I need Life would not go on Without He He was responsible For creating me He is all I need
Two breathe as if equals A fixed routine both maintain Going through the course that is Life Only differing by the name They hold identical jobs And are pulled by the same chains
All I need is a chance. A chance to show the world what I can do. The chance to show them I am more than my looks, More than this person you think you see.   All I need is a chance.
Down the street. Faster. Faster. The keys jingle. The grate slams. Bang. Bang. Up the stairs. In the door. Swish. Swish. They jump. They bark. Woof.
If I had awoken without a purpose, Put me back to sleep, If I had lived without a soul, Bury my exsistance, If I had gone a day half heartedly, Take away all that was given to me,
I find myself gasping for air, A flow I gather through my lungs And then I spit it outside into the world As if it's something I can afford to let go   I find myself grasping for your hand
Years past and the childhood fades. One year left And the biggest question is Wher the money at? Kids with hopes and dreams Waiting just waiting A competion  with no end
The smoothness of a skin made at a young  age. These were my legs the legs that started to grow with all my body parts. Yes, I am young But why wait until im old
Tired eyes and hair graying, her love for us remained the same
To the victor go the spoils of my body- a scared thing of losses and victories hewn of human flesh a lump of clay pulled from earth by some divine architect or mitosis of cells-
Lost here Stuck in the middle of the sea Agonizing waits For a ship to come around But with you here The waves mean nothing You keep me clear Keep me afloat Keep he pain away
Imagine. The salt that splashes so lightly on my lips, Dripping from my head down to my fingertips. The sun that shines so brightly upon my back, The one thing that my old home used to lack.
I too shall survive if I was lost out at sea stranded with no one around screaming  for someone someone please help me help me please
You my dear are nothing Nothing I say. Nothing. Not royalty Not human Not an animal And most certainly not a soul   Her mother speaks: You will never amount to anything
At that moment, where she was yawning and I took it upon myself to take a peek at those wonderful set of teeth Was the moment I was swept up off my feet
Trapped on an island I exsist only among my thoughts Coming and leaving like the waves thundering ashore Will I ever find a way home? Giving up will only get me so far
Left in solitary. What shall I long for? Lost in my head. Whom shall I long for? Death appears to be approaching. Where shall I run for?  Life becomes useless. Why must I live for?
All that one needs, is it a material or a possession? Is it a belief or a loved one to share one's expressions? Nay, one thing I must live with, one thing I personally seek,
Sometimes it’s hard for me to function Jhene Aiko keeps me from crumbling She told me you gotta keep going All I need is music Every day of the hour Music not only makes me feel alive
This is my life, where I was born  and raised and grew and broke. This is the ABC's of my life. "A" as in anxiety for the feeling  I got in my  stomach when "B" as in bystander's look at me.
It is the tap-tap-tap of the woodpecker blending with the back-n-forth squeak of the rocking chair. The cicadas sing (maybe for fun; probably not) and drench the yellow afternoon air.
Oh, what thanks I have to give To the expressions on our faces Or the tender warmth I feel With each of our embraces. Each feeling that blossoms Within my young but trying heart
I would take her with me The one who faintly whispers into the pit of my ear never to give up and have no fear I would take her with me The one who so warmly embrasses me for who I am, and not who everyone feels I am
Along the island’s shore lay the remnants of the ships debris. The salty air from the ocean breeze fills my lungs and burns deep. My eyes squint at the dominant sun, and my skin sizzles from the blistering heat.
A lover is an understatement Friends? Oh, please. Soulmate is last on the list For he is mine forever to keep   I go days with your image embeded in my mind
It doesn't peel away, but I can take it off It makes me feel beautiful But I can wipe it with a cloth. Compliments from boys all day Somehow boosts my confidence, but It's not me, It's my mask they see
Twin size bed.  Cracked and chipped away ceiling paint.  I remember the taste of tears in my mouth.  Growing up with a broken heart; A girl that never got her mother's love. Life wasn't worth living for me.
Nestled behind bones that can be broken by sticks and stones,   A rhythm made of flapping wings and plucking strings, of raindrops hitting the pavement and of quiet patience;
I don't want our love parallel Never. Ever. Love that is parallel Will surely fail Love that's oblique Will always prevail   It is like this:
His eyes are the shade of a honey mixture, Olive green accent His skin has been kissed by the sun             and physique sculpted by Canova   None of such however made me fall in love with you  
My last breath is yours Take my heart beat from under my breast Take my life I wouldn't want any of it anyways without your presence   Fire burns the human flesh but life without you Burns my soul
What would I take with me If I were stuck on an abandoned island? I would take you. Sure, I could take a journal But you’re already my human diary
I cannot live without love, If you are none faithful or a believer of a man above you have still felt love once upon a time if it be for your lover or your coin we have felt love.
There is always something that makes me curious, day after day. I seek for answers, but I always struggle. I guess this is part of life: search for answers to your questions,
Are you searching for meaning friend? Are you coming to your bleeding end? Do your wrists speak your bleeding mind, telling you your purpose is hard to find?
Viridity in life- I need the caim you give... better than forehead kisses in the evening chill and that beat- beat- beating behind your chest.
Can I Live   Can I Live With Myself? I ask Alone on the deserted sand   only you know Alone whispered silently across the surf   I and Alone Alone and I
I need them. They cared for me, so I should do the same in return. They've raised me to become this human being that I am today. I am greatful for whom I've become, and I look forward to becoming a better person.
In my life All I need is Me But in my life All I have is myself  
In a world dominated by monochrome  Within an institution made to stifle creativity Youthful societies assigned home Of a stark black and white reality
We've all played this game before, I recall a specific time, and back then I thought it was a bore. It was seventh grade and our teacher said we all got the answer wrong,
The world thinks they need many things. But what I need is simple. I can't live without it, Literally. All I need is my diabetic supplies. That is all I need.
The moon Shines Bright Gently lighting The Earth at night   Her calm demeanor My other half Simple and expressive  like and old Photograph   Her Smiles
Most might say joy, love, hope, and sleep, However, I prefer the beauty of silence, With its daunting tones, And comfort it brings when I weep, The dramatic scene fostered by the cut of sirens.
 I haven't thought about it much until now, but there is one thing I cannot live without. One might guess, "Food! Water! Sleep!" Assuming survival only lasts with essential needs.
I see you every morning, afternoon, and night, and if you're gone it just isn't right.  When you're gone my stomach churns, and no matter what else I try, you're the only thing I yearn.
Like a string on a bow, you get tugged, pulled so far back, you think you may just snap. Like an arrow, you soar, Form. Aim. Fire. Miss. What went wrong? You can't succeed on your own.
She's my one and only true love. She's the cloud in the sky, and an angel from above. She's the summer breeze to my hair, and she makes me think life's fair. She's a rose blossoming in the spring.
Tell the truth, we've heard it before Even though it makes us close some doors. Lock them shut and swallow the key. Hoping it will never be me. The one who truth makes it's victim, With it's socalled wisdom.
I'm five and I'm wearing your high heels and your good church hat Splayed in front of us are cups and saucers, intricately painted with purple flowers We sit on the kitchen floor, sipping luke-warm tea, crunchy with sugar cubes
 A wave so elegant, Latching on to every part of me, Mind, body and soul.             A wave starring into every corner Of my pupils, endless Caribbean green That would leave any man who gazes,
      There are no words to accuratly describe what I cannot live without, no fancy phrases, or clever expressions, I believe that actions speck louder than words, 
It's very hard to figure out what i need most from my family to the many marvelous friends that i have but somthing that comes dearly in my heart , is my confidence I need confidence in myself to move on with my life
Stranded. I need you. Maybe your presence would cure the ache of the lonlieness. You've always had a way with making places feel like home.  Fear. I find comfort in the shelter of your embrace. 
Click click click my eyes glance at the luminious screen information displayed, my mind amazed tap tap tap this device opens up the world without it I'd feel blue dependent on it 
Being stranded on an island is probabaly one of he worst things,you will suffer from thrist and die from lack of no starbursts. Yea starburst they small,but the are everything to me.
A pencil in my hand, I feel the wood grain between my fingers. Gentle motions turning vigourous under My neural command. A sense of control overwhelms my being, These moments revive my dominance.
All I need is an oxymoron  a word I can't even speak  can't describe   a fallacy in language   feather's edge  tip of the tongue     I need your arms to encircle me
Sky above me and water all around. I could lose my hope, hope of being found. I won't though, I will keep my hope. I will keep hoping as I build a boat. ... I don't know how to build a good boat.
All I need All I need is my best friend She’s there in a heartbeat when I need her most She’s the twinkle in my eye and the reason I smile
All I need... All I need on a deserted island is my friend my love my other half to keep and to hold me on a cold and windy night. No one more genuine loving and compassionate then my friend.
I wish I couldI wish I could N if I got the gift from God or a curse from Satan then with it I would But I can't right nowDon't have a plan right nowStill growing up but the fam need me to be a man right nowBut I'm not a man right now not successf
I lay here crying, 
The snow is falling,you watch and dream.The future is calling, but it's not what it seems. You make a choice,and follow your loose your voice,and are torn apart. The snow is falling,you watch and dream.The future is calling,but it's not
Stuck on a island all alone Wanting, Desiring to go back home Cell phone? Friends? Family? Food? Oh Lord what do I do? Waiting here trying to escape  Looking left then right There seems no way
I close my eyes to see a pain that's rooted in my psyche a pain that's like a vine choking out a tree.  Why, I ask, won't this pain leave me. Why, I scream, did he do this to me.  
Before the sun rises, my mind is alive, and trying to break me from the silence my thoughts have devised.   "Is it really worth it? am I a worthless person?"
Metaphorically I am a simile, like an allusion, I AM an oxymoron, a flagrant euphemism, a hyperbolic faux-pas, so masculine, I could metonymously eat a feminist,
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