An Escape In Oil Paints

In a world dominated by monochrome 

Within an institution made to stifle creativity

Youthful societies assigned home

Of a stark black and white reality

Even under the Panopticon known as "school"

The all seeing is confronted with escape

Escape from a competitive world so cruel

Where there's no rules to be obeyed


We're mess and confusion and chaos 

And in this place - that's beauty

Statements made against brainwash

Destroying and creating resolutely

We destroy boundaries with brush strokes

And connect thru color; not in spite of it

Creating for whatever emotion we can evoke

All the time denying creativity's censorship


In the middle of a place so cut-throat

Where life hangs on the balance of a letter

Art is the antidote

Something that makes life better

I'll never live without colors

Without the chance to escape

Loving the inner me it uncovers

And for me it's a blank canvas I appreciate


"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable"

              I  can consider myself one of the comforted

                   Prepared for my escape in oil paints...







This poem is about: 
My community


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