All I Need

What is the one thing that's vital

That's necessary for my survival

It makes me feel a sensation

That can go without explanation

Yet the sounds they make

Feels like a message from fate

It makes someone happy

When the world is crappy

It keeps others going 

When life is dark and unknowning

This forms a pleasure that's hard to find

Bring joy in the earlobes of mine

As this art takes time to be perfect

So, it can have this effect.

Each note of it creates an emotion

That leaves us unspoken

It's the best thing created by mankind

Deeming it one of a kind

As it's hard to define

Something words can't describe

In the end the word for is music

And there nothing that can mute it

As its something I can't live without

Or else I may die out

As it helps me be free

And it's all I need


This poem is about: 
Our world


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